7 comments on “GLobal Asian Model Philippines 2019: normannorman.com’s Favorites

  1. Sana winorkshop manlang mga to sa posing… lalo na yung mga girls… pareparehas lang posing… tsk tsk

  2. This competition is such a let down!
    1) What is the actual prize that the international winners receives? An international modeling contract in major modeling market? Which agencies?
    2) The images of the contestant is more like for beauty contest rattan than a modeling competition
    3) It’s a very BIG disappointment because the producers are connected with high quality standard of a world class event like Miss Universe that was held in Manila.

    • @ fashioninsider 1. Admittedly, quite modest. The last time a BIG agency conducted a contest in these parts (Elite Asia-Pacific) was a few years back. But who knows. I think a few BIG names in the modelling world got their start at smaller agencies. 2. They say that the BEST way to gauge a model’s true potential is when she or he is unadorned or in plain clothes. Those high-end glam shots can be deceptive. 3. I think, in general, modelling contests tend to be simpler than beaucons. 🙂

      • @ Norman The last time I saw him was in a photo in an article in the Parenting Section of the Philippines Daily Inquirer where his mom was a columnist. He and his brother were still boys, kissing their mother, sandwiched between them. Time flies, indeed…. 🙂

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