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  1. Thus far, Blogger Man has mentioned Saubier, Rhedey, and Malinao for the inaugural MU 2020. But from the comments and if the pageant were to be held tomorrow, I would consider the following result the most pragmatic – 2nd RU Malinao, 1st RU Rhedey, and Saubier crown.

    Saubier is probably the least gorgeous of the three and with the least runway-stage-glam experience..But if the facially and kinesthetically (?) superior Ganados can be trumped by Cull and Drouin in the race to the Top 10, then why not give Mademoiselle a shot?

    In fact, the parallelism with the 2019 edition of MUT is not a stretch – 2nd RU Thanachapohn Boonsang, 1st RU Miriam Somnpromas, and Paweensuda Drouin crown.

  2. these 3 girls are suited for MUP under ImG:
    Kathleen Paton
    Maureen Montage
    Angelica Balatbat

  3. I know so many possible candidates to try their luck with the success of Bb. Pilipinas Batch 2019. I am hoping that the next candidates of Bb. Pilipinas have communication skill like Janina San Miguel, brain like Anna Theresa Licaros, attitude like Janine Tugonan, confident like Mutya Datul and class like Kylie Verzosa.

  4. YES to sa akin pero andami pang magaganda sa Pinas na di pa nadidiscover. Baka may mga ala Shamcey at Ara at Ahtisa at Shareefa dyan na bigla na lang lalabas. It is still anybody’s game. But this one has puhunan, would be happy to see her represent PH sa MU.

  5. Beautiful, Gorgeous, Modelesque…

    Let’s see if she gained the right attitude by now?

  6. Beautiful, Gorgeous, Modelesque…

    Let’s see if she gained the right attitude by now?

  7. Norman MAGPAKABAIT muna si Alaiza Malinao. Hindi maganda ang ipinakita niyang attitude sa Asia’s Next Top Model noon. Palaaway sa ibang mga competitor over trivial matters kasama si Gwendoline Ruais. Tapos biglang nag-back out sa competition dahil hindi kinaya ang pressure ng judging panel. Lumabas talaga ang kanyang totoong UNPLEASANT BEHAVIOR. Baka matulad yan kay Samantha Lo at maging problema pa ng organizer. Please tell this to her.

  8. Sure, ‘If the shoe fits.’ I.e. Now that the Personality and Communication Skill judging criteria is 90%.

  9. I am getting PLENTY of Thanachapohn Boonsang vibes. Look at that NECK!

    But like I said before in an earlier post, if she feels nervous about the inaugural MUP pageant coming out to be an all-star showdown, she might consider the merits of STAYING LOYAL TO SMA/BPCI and be amply rewarded. That FEZ will easily work in Europe, whether (The)Globe or Supranational. I can see her as a good follow-up to Anntonia Porsild.

    I feel strongly she will not finish empty-handed next year. 🙂

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