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  1. My biggest problem with Julia is her walk. I think she has one of the Bottom 10 walks during BBP 2019. She isn’t ugly, but her styling, especially her make-up, doesn’t suit her features. I remember that I was impressed by her during the submission of application forms. She’s the best speaker for me during BBP 2019, even better than Patch. Although Patch is much more prepared than Julia.

    • @ Abcde But now that we have seen Atty. slug it out, it is CLEAR that her “preparation” in the area of actual engagement in unfamiliar, if competitive, situations pales in comparison to Julia’s.

      In short, Mademoiselle Saubier registers “b_tch” while Patitay Magtanong is shy-tentative/unsure.

      I’ll go with the b_tch any day. I really don’t dig w_mps. 🙂

  2. You know what. Miss Universe is still a Beauty Pageant kahit nagpanalo sila ng matalino at good speaker. may mga beauties more than her na nakapasok din sa top 5 pero the next rounds is kudaan na and not the beauty alone. it just happened that na mas magaling sya sa kanila kaya nanalo. kaya nasasabi na dapat ang next representative is makuda dapat. walang all in 1 like cat kaya sya na ang napili and acceptable since deserved naman nya. so MU is still consistent from pia to zozibini. So we still need to send all in 1 or the brainier alone? Yes to all in 1 forever. We can also send the brainier one alone if no all 1 in the batch or no all in 1 that can beat her unless that girl has the miss universe confidence. strong stage presence and poise. Yung transformable kung baga. i am not agree sa facial surgery. its not forbiden in MU. but its a choice and necessary for some to have more facial improvement that suits for the pageant they are joining. so this julia saubier. she is one example that needs facial improvement tru surgery. but idk if ano ang dapat baguhin. But its up to her if she want or not. pero kung ako ang tatanungin. She should join miss world philippines kaysa sa MU. mas ok sya don if she prefer to compete with whats her look right now where her beauty will not become questionable and not a big deal. since they said Miss World is not a beauty pageant anymore. But if she prefer MU. The doors is also open to her. Just make sure shes in the right hands. minsan para sa mga proffesional make up artist. mas gusto nila ung girls na pahirapan makuha ang make up that suits them well since its a challenge for them. so i think julia should be in the right team.

  3. Parang nalimutan ng iba ng dyosa at smart si puerto Rico, Mexico, Iceland at Colombia.
    Julia should be open for physical procedures
    For now. It’s Ahtisa beauty and brains and Patch beauty and brains
    Di kailangan ng sobrang Ganda pero kailangan Yun kahit simple na maganda

    • Agree and Zozibini also has great facial features. Nice eyes, nice nose, nice lips. She was stunning on stage. We really need a perfect balance of beauty and brain.

  4. I am a big fan of this girl
    She is very driven
    Shes tall and very ‘moldable ‘ physically
    I believe she will do well at MU… though it maybe be a problem next yr since SA won this yr

  5. By all means encourage her to join again and why not? Is there’s a contract to breached? Why some of you are so harsh and mean? Did you not hear it straight from the horse’s mouth, Lou Sierra? To paraphrase her, “In our top 20 everyone walks well, everyone has a great body, everyone is beautiful but they’re not all important, INTERVIEW is the most important” So there!

  6. aga aga ng pag hype nyo

    talunan kasi this year kaya gigil na gigil maka bawi

    utak talangka talaga

  7. Kahit sino pa ang ipadala sa MIss Universe kung hindi makapasa sa kriteria ng mga hurado. Kahit sinong tao na nagsasabi nagpakadalubhasa ng ilang taon sa pamantasan ng patimpalak, hindi niya masasabi kung yan posibleng kalahok ay siyang susunod na mananalo. Ang pagwawagi ng korona ay suwerte suwertehan lang yan. Hindi nakikita sa panglabas na hitsura kung hindi nasa loob ng pagkatao.

    • Bellona, so you don’t know a lady named Catriona Gray? Most predictions placed her as the possible winner and she eventually was crowned as expected. Sometimes people just know. Sometimes it’s just the exterior beauty and carriage, sometimes the candidate’s eloquence and wit, charisma, sometimes a body to die for + beautiful face, sometimes raw charm, sometimes a combination of a couple of these attributes or a few or all. But whichever it is, sometimes a lady really stands out from the get go and she consistently delivers and she exhibits razor-sharp focus and she wins. So I beg to differ, it’s not sheer luck as you posit.

  8. I believe Julia stands a good chance. Did you see Zoni when she lost to Demo Leigh? She looks like an ulikba, but she transformed her looks and styling and look how far she’d gone.

    I hope these girls can join in next year’s MUP race: Patch, Julia, Ahtisa, and April May Short.

    • I hope not. Especially for Patch. It would be better for her not to join next year kasi for sure isang tambakan ng magaganda at magagaling na repeater from BBP ang sasali next year. Hindi rin OK na I give up nya ang BBP title nya at magkasamaan ng loob with BPCI. It would be better for her to join in 2021 or 2022. That time hinog na sya at will allow her to practice law and gain experience that will help her create a more impressive resume for MUP.

      Ecpected former candidate that will join MUP. Ahtisa, Katarina, Vickie, Sam Lo, Winwin, Alyssa Mulach, Hannah.

      • Wyn win if she is still qualified
        No to Sam Lo … she is not driven enough . Her presentations at MGI showed she was not a competitor.
        Yes to Vicki because she’s very pretty and has experience on stage .

      • Pardon me but a BIG NO to MOST of the girls you mentioned! Beauty and modeling skill will not lead them to victory! They might just end our era of dominance over n beauty pageants. If Gazini has the face of a goddess failed to make in top 10, how much more them. Julia is our best bet next year for Miss Universe. She just needs to tone down her approach – it seemed to me that she was too eager to win that her performance came out too exaggerated! Or probably there was something in her that we didn’t know like what happened to Miss Venezuela 2016! A major major flaw in her attitude or behavior that led to her downfall!!! Sana huwag naman! Her loss was highly unexpected and controversial. She needs to comeback! Can any one spill any information about her heartbreaking defeat?

  9. Hindi ba siya yung may pinost na a bit attitude-y when she did not get in? She posted something that came across as mayabang and entitled.

    • @ KiityCat So did Samantha Bernardo, after her 2nd RU repeat. Then SUDDEN incognito state.

      But if we were able to cut Sam B some slack, perhaps Mademoiselle Saubier, as well. And Sam B did manage to recollect her wits eventually and return to the scene.

      We all deserve a second chance.

      • The past Miss Universe Philippines all have one thing in common. They all have an air of humility to them. Julia doesn’t have that aura. Based on her IG, she is super secure about herself and her worth that it may comes across as conceited to some.

    • So it was her attitude pala! Well, very sad naman. Because of exceptional academic achievements, Julia speaks with power and confidence that people might have viewed it in a negative way. People perceived this as arrogance kaya ligwak siya. For her to win the crown, dapat pala mag training siya sa simbahan at tahanan ng mga madre!

      • @ Shine Yup. After a few months in a convent, she will be timid enough for the Japs at MI. 🙂

        Mr. Tinio, please suggest to Mademoiselle to consider the styling of Thitaree Kasorn, MUT 2018 1st Runner-up.

        There’s a Justine Pazsek (subbed for Oxana Fedorova, right?) vibe going on, there.

  10. When I first knew about the transfer from BB to MUP, the first thing that came to my mind was Patch…Patch has the face and intellect to match it. I read hear, that people would refer her lookinfg like Pops. However, I find her still to be very conscious about herself. She’s still not Confidently Beautiful yet. I’m getting the vibes that She got some issues. I watched the Miss International, I noticed she kept on fixing her dress and correcting her posture. She looked very uneasy even on her poses. She looked very disciplined and calculated. I guess, If Patch decides to join a pageant again, she should work on the Psychological aspect. Right now, I don’t see her confidently beautiful. I guess she should let go whatever demon she has in mind. Also, I remember one of the hosts of Miss International said that Miss Int’l was not looking for good answers but the CHARM of the candidates while answering the questions. Although Patch, delivered eloquently her final statement in Miss International, still I find her appeal to be not Charming. Maybe this is the reason why Thailand won, instead of her, because even though Thailand could not articulate well, she was still able to show herself CHARMING to Miss International Judges……….. No question PAtch is both Beauty and Brains like Shamcey, but like her also, she lacks the Xfactor now and she doesn’t really appear pleasing and approachable..Maybe, she’s a good person in real life; but honestly, for me personally not knowing her, just basinf it on how she presents herself, I find her beauty and appeal to be intimidating…….I believe Patch should consider being approachable and relatable to be more effective not only to the audience but also the judges and people behind the organization in a Beauty Pageant.

    • @ Shiro2u I will agree with your assessment of Attorney except that part that she is intimidating and needs to be approachable. I think the truth is that she is quite shy among strangers. A person who quips “gorabels” and “mumshie” shouldn’t be too aloof. 🙂

      Patitay, to me, is the epitome of the country bumpkin (she hails from Bataan but studied in the capital). Bright-eyed and brimming with potential but quite self-conscious in the Big City. Listen to Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA” and you’ll understand. And you know what? THIS kind of demeanor does NOT come across as a kween. And the Japs saw that. In contrast, Bint Siriporn was as placid as a real-life princess.

      I agree with Blogger Man that Atty. Magtanong defer to 2021 on the basis of her still-in-effect BBP contract. (Or, is it?)

      In that time, she can practice her profession and get a real sense of how to deal with the unfamiliar. In the end, she will emerge with that confidence of which you said she still is short of.

      Domo arigatou gozaimashita.

    • I agree, Patch is too much of a critical thinker that I could see it on her face when she’s worried… like those rehearsal pics where Miss Nepal wore the same dress… Other contestants may have planted a seed of doubt in her that made her feel unfocused on the coronation night.

  11. Yes for me!

    If you’d seen her interview, sabi niya, sinabihan daw siya na dapat ipa-retoke ilong niya and bakit daw half French siya pero very Asian ang dating pero hindi niya ininda yon kasi gusto niya kung ano yung natural! Remember sagot ni Zozibini “reflection of myself”. I also saw her pasarela with Shandy, kahit sa rampahan sasabay ‘to!

    This is her time to shine! Kanya-kanyang panahon talaga! She will come strong!

    To pageant organizers, huwag palaging sa mga “tiyahin” niyo nakikinig, tingnan niyo nangyari this year????

    • Yeah, No doubt about it that she’s eloquent and beautiful. Beauty is subjective anyways. I find her presence to be very dignified, political and diplomatic (I guess this is how she present herself instead!). I see her more as a woman taking up a public office someday. However, I don’t think she has this commercial appeal. Even though Zozibini is bald and black, I can see her face on the cover of VOGUE. she is very atypical yet editorial and commercial, not to mention her amazing slender bone structure, same with other IMG Miss Universe Winners. From looking at Zozibini’s face, you can see an awesome symmetry already…….Should Julia join the pageant, I guess cliche as it may sound to her, but she needs to change up a little bit. It doesn’t necessarily mean that that she has to undergo some drastic measures like plastic surgery and fad diets; but she needs to find or tweak something about her physical image or maybe styling to make her appear more commercial. Maybe a haircut? or Something? Or maybe match her personality to her styling? make her a Hypebeast or millennial MU material? Just something different from the usual things that we see on pageants. Coz if you only allow Jullia to go through the traditional way of how we perceive Beauty Contest, then her chances are thin….All these changes are necessary to give her an edge like Zozibini who has this atypical appeal that made her stood out during the coronation night. She’s a kind of Miss Universe beauty that Miss U has never had………Julia’s bright, so I know at the time being, she’s doing her research..I hope eventually she get’s to find the change; that she needs to have an edge over other competitors and to have a VOGUE or Front Cover worthy appeal.

  12. Sure, I think her looks may not be the gorgeous type we look for in a candidate but hey we sent Janine Tugonon before. She isn’t the most facially gorgeous we sent to MU but she managed to almost win it all.

    • Janine was stunning and nothing in her facial features was unpleasant. And she made it as a print and runway model.

  13. Kung talagang spokeperson lang naman ang malaking percentage na pinagbabasihan ng MU ngayon then Julia is pasok na pasok, angbhanap na ng MU ngayon ay yung may substance, may advocasy, eloquent, can express her message confidently. Even si patch kung siya ang pinadala natin sa MU mahihirapan din siyang makipagsabayan sa mga nasa top 10 dahil minsan ma observe mo hindi siya ganun ka eloquent nag iisip pa siya ng sasabihin in english, Julia is one to consider, e train and package lang. Dapat ngayon talino muna bago ganda, kung walang makitang matalinong maganda then mas prefer dapat ang talino kesa sa ganda, since ang unang pinagbabasihan ay ang credential o resume bago ang ganda at hubog ng katawan.

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