4 comments on “New Delhi-bound Miss Teen International Philippines 2019 Francesca Beatriz Abalajon

  1. Filipinos have recently done relatively well in India-based or -hosted pageants, both Miss and Mister.

    Miss Asia, Miss Multinational, Mister Universal Ambassador, and Mister Model Worldwide also come to mind. No intent to discredit Miss Teen International. This post is theirs. 🙂

    I wonder if Indians consider us their old-school-original-powerhouse pageantry peers….

    For one thing, they put some premium on the Question Round.

    Simone Bornilla herself should go for the Seniors, eventually….. like Kathleen Paton….

  2. She can join other pageants after this especially pag nanalo sya dito. Good Luck girl!

    Other news:
    Sasali daw si Patch Magtanong sa MUP2020? If true, this is interesting.
    I would also like Ahtisa Manalo to join MUP in 2021!

    • @ miss tissa Look at Francesca long enough and you will get some Patch vibe. 🙂

      Imo, Atty. should practice her profession, muna. Sayang ang pagpasa sa Bar! The experience will surely add both perspective and insight.

      Now, I’m thinking….. kung Alaiza just stick with BBP kung ni-ne-nerbiyos siya sa “all-star” cast sa MUP 2020…. Then for MUP 2020, I’m looking at Kathleen Paton…. or switch sila. Alaiza for MUP 2020. Ta’s si Kathleen for MIP 2020…. which means calibration to suit Japan preference for timidity/submissiveness. Hhmmm….

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