6 comments on “Catriona Gray, the Book Author

  1. name recognition with what?

    kakarampot lang naman nakakakilala sa kanya

    sa Pinas lang siya kilala

    kaso mahirapan sumikat

  2. She can be a big fish in a big pond. She’ll make a lot of money and can raise social-cause awareness locally, but I hope she looks to Hollywood while her name-recognition is hot. A wider audience means a wider reach… her charities have all to gain from it.

  3. dito na magkakaalaman if support pa rin sya ng mga Pinoys

    if not there is always Australia

  4. Keep it up Cat. Remember that your dreams are valid and it’s not poverty that kills dream but lack of support. Continue to see the smile on the faces of the children because there’s the silver lining. Charret lang Ms Cat haha. I love you so much. You’re such an inspiration and yeah a torch of light. All the best for ylthe best Ms U evah! XOXO

  5. All the best Catriona. I hope you’ll make it big in the local scene. Polish your Tagalog so you can easily get into tv shows like hosting. A current affairs-talk show-reality just like The Bottomline will be a good start.

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