14 comments on “You want Michelle Dee smiling?

  1. india na naman mananalo dito
    curry ang paborito ni manang hulya
    never nya bet ang adobo

  2. norman. what will be the basis to trim down the top 40? if not for fastracts then how? judges selection? pano? tititigan ang mga girls habang naktayo on stage? Then michelle dee need to smile everytime shes on stage.

    • Outside the fast-tracks, the ladies are actually assessed every single day of the competition. Nothing beats judging an unguarded moment where true colors can be seen. And officially, their individual performances in all the challenges are also factored in. It’s just that only the winners are announced.

  3. C Miss Nepal ay May pag-asang maTop 5 because of BwaP, intelligence and sincerity😊
    I hope Michelle will Smile more to the judges to give her a Smile score😆lol

    • @ bong700 I had another Asian country in mind, actually. But yes, Nepal has been lingering on the fringes of global pageantry long enough, within radar but still beyond grasp of the prize.

      I don’t know how affluent Kathmandu is (to be able to still devote time to beaucons). So I wonder if crowning a Nepali would be noticed by the country. Look at the relatively tepid reception to Stephanie del valle when she got back home. And that’s PR!

      Michelle does not register levity the way Katarina did. But look what happened to the latter? But yes, a smile would not hurt.

      And here’s one for you, one of the blog’s enduring commentators.


  4. Mga veks, let’s all chill and not expect much from Lola Hulya’s cooking. At this point, she may just be enticing everyone and I don’t want my veks to experience a double heartbreak cum Saturday night…hihihih

    Let’s keep a low profile and let Michelle shine in her own ways. I think it will be better for her case to win the blue crown without the super-OA and passive aggressive Filipino fans na super spoiled na laging korona ang ineexpect every year. Learn to eat the humble pie!!!!

    • I love your statement/expression:

      “Learn to eat the humble pie!!!!”

      • Adrienne, I’m beginning to think that Pinoy fans are way too spoiled in the last 10 years or so na lumobo na talaga ang utak ng lahat. I think the fans are also blinded by the very active social media prowess of Pinoy pageantry accounts to the point that they don’t see any of our girls losing and if they do, it was because the pageant was cooked.

        Pinoy fans need to take a breather at dapat support lang ng candidates at wag ng magbadmouth or mang bully ng pageant organizers… Hello Miss Globe….hihihihih

  5. I hope si Lola Julie maisip nya na…its time to crown Philippines again tapos 2020 ei push na sa Philippines ganapin ang MW. Magandang laban ito sa pageantry ng 3 Org. MWP, MUP and BPCI for MIP former na magkasama nagyon break na sila

  6. Masaya si Madam Julia sa fate ni Gazini at Ms U. She can sense that many fans are mad and the conspiracy theory might hold water. She’s ready to seize this opportunity to win back Pinoy fans to Ms World by crowning Michelle Dy, the reason she’s smiling today, don’t you think?😉

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