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  3. MUP2020 -Emma Tiglao may join if she does not win InterCon and if age is ok and if time permits

    who else ? Ahtisa Manalo, Yvette Santiago, Kim Janson, Katrina Dimaranan, WynWyn Marquez

    • With due respect, we don’t need these ladies. In my humble opinion, they don’t have the “depth” enhanced by real-life experiences. We cannot fool the Miss U judges now with their “instant” advocacies or “sweet” convincing voices. We need ladies who walk their talk.

  4. Sa FB Group nagkalat video ni Lu Sierra regarding pointers for the “ideal” Miss Universe, sabi niya, “A Miss Universe doesn’t model, she speaks! Tandaan na sana ng mga bagong franchise holder yan statement na yan dahil yan na ang magiging pamantayan ng pageant industry ngayon!

    Nag-morph na’tong Miss Universe to be like Miss Earth which is “advocacy driven” and if you have advocacy you should be able to speak. Now I understand kung bakit hindi pinarampa si Catriona sa Sheri Hill sa NY.

    I can say na naging “game-changer” din ang Filipinas when it comes to global pageantry. Hindi na puede puro “emote-project-wave” which is the Venezuelan era! Nung nagsunod-sunod ang tagumpay ng Filipinas, the ideal winner has to be cerebral! Natiktikan ng mga shupit bahay natin ang formula kaya yun yung prototype na pinadala while locally dahil naman sa “herd mentality” ng mga Pinoy at nagkalat na mga Admin sa Social Media, ang inentrada eh yung “gandang hindi kailangang ipaliwanag”! Obvious naman na napakaganda talaga ni Gazini lalo na sa NatCos nung mine-make up-an siya! Para siyang buhay mannequin!

    Ngayon kung cerebral lang naman ang ideal candidate, nandiyan na sila Julia Saubier, Arianne Calingo, Nicole Cordovez & Patch Magtanong!

    Kung Zozini eh pageant repeater, I don’t see any reason why Julia Saubier should not join again this year! And kung si Dayanara Torres eh nakapag-cross over from Miss International to Miss Universe, I don’t see any reason why Patch Magtanong should not join again. In fact, mas bet ko pa na i-hand pick na lang si Patch as MUP 2020 kesa naman sa plano nilang 50 candidates!

    • Enough already with Julia Julia…..Ms SA is well spoken and also pretty without make up….which is not the case with Julia….she speaks eloquently but without make up she’s meh/bleh/weeeeh….it’s still a beauty pageant you know!

    • @ jaretwrightlover Notwithstanding “emote-project-wave”, Alicia Machado is still my all-around fave Latina MU.

      And that EPIC three-way showdown between Taliana Vargas, Dayana Mendoza,and Elisa Najera – The War of the Americas – is now seered into collective MU history.


  5. An all-star cast for MUP 2020?

    Keri ba ‘yan ni Alaiza? Baka nerbiyosin…

    I think I will put my money on her. I want a fresh face, not a recycled one. I’ll bet those returning “stars” will merely end up as fillers. If I were them, there may be some wisdom to divert to…. 🙂

    Norman Tinio looks SO YOUNG.

    He is in love, obviously.

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