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  1. ofcourse she knows world issues
    she is a public relations student

    she is trained to do so

    anyway next year i hope MUP will find another Pia Catriona
    to make it to the top 3 and possibly win
    at the moment there is none in mind except for Matmat Centeno



    Dear Tito Norman,

    I am addressing this to you because I believe that you have access to BPCI and the different beauty camps, and I believe you have credibility in bringing a message to them. I wish to share these thoughts with them:

    1. The game has been redefined again by MUO with the victory of an unconventional beauty, Zozibini. In the 5 years from 2010 to 2014 I believe the game was more of the walk and the gown. From 2015 to 2019, began by Pia and perfected by Catriona, the game was more of the talk. Of course the confidence and the beauty were always there, but each period seemed to be defined by certain things. Now comes the era of the beautiful human being, with beauty that is authentic from within. Zozibini displayed that perfectly. It’s like saying you don’t have to like my physical beauty, but I am beautiful just the same.

    2. A beautiful human being knows the issues confronting humanity now, and not just the issues close to them. They must understand the things that other peoples struggle with, and understand them with empathy. In short, she is a citizen of the world, the universe, rather, and feels the sufferings and challenges of different peoples. Talk of the United Nations. There are tons of different issues there. And Zozibini knows quite a handful of them.

    3. Now the beauty of the human being has to be communicated to others very well. This is where the talk still comes in. But that talk again has to come from a deep conviction within, not just an acquired knowledge or instant advocacy. It must come from the very core, and must be communicated beautifully too, if not powerfully. If you have conviction and a strong sense of purpose, you will not stutter and stumble in expressing yourself, even if your English is not perfect. Because you are driven by passion to influence others positively.

    4. Therefore, we must send someone who is or can be a citizen of the world, who can talk about universal issues and feel deeply for them. This is something that cannot be achieved by months of training on the walk or the Q and A. It is a deeper sort of training. It is actually a formation. And aspiring beauty queens must start young, so they imbibe the universal values and advocacies authentically. It seems that MUO is now serious on providing a platform for influencing society. Otherwise, any of the cute, sexy and sassy candidates could have won. But their complete opposite stole the thunder from them. And she was unapologetic for the way she looked. She even turned it into her weapon. And heck, she didn’t really care about winning, or at least she didn’t show it. She went there to make a statement, and she not only did that with aplomb, but she ran away with the title! Our dear Gaz did the opposite. She went there with so much physical beauty and a desire to win that is so intense she even said it in her quick interview with Steve. That could have worked against her or tuned off some judges.

    5. We have to keep thinking ahead, on how to push the boundaries of beauty and universal appeal. Beauty alone is no longer enough. The walk and the gowns are only accessories now. enhamcers if you may. The game has been changed, and Zozibin was at the very edge of it, defining the frontiers. Next year we must send someone who is not only beautiful with a gorgeous gown, a sexy walk and a glib tounge. She must be someone who can be a good spokesperson for the world, even if her beauty is quite edgy. Someone who increases in beauty as she speaks.

    I hope the powers that be can take some from these thoughts. I’d be glad to share more with any of them if they care to listen. Otherwise, thank you for bearing with this lengthy post again. I do not post very often so I tend to say a lot in one go.

    Merry Christmas!

    • Roi, I’m glad you expressed what I have always believed what a beauty contest should be. Today’s concept of beauty is no longer confined to the physical, where there is no universal standard, but includes cerebral and character dimensions. Beauty should be viewed holistically. To view it only from the narrow physical lens is tantamount to commodifying women.

      I’m glad this year’s MU edition showcased mostly women of substance in the Top 10, and crowned the woman whose beauty radiates from inside. I hope this is a game changer for the global pageantry business.

      • Thank you Scorg. Appreciate your comments too. Very insightful and encourage a good conversation.

    • She was definitely not on everyone’s top list, but she took control of the situation and delivered with a commanding presence. She is beauty and not the typical Barbie doll delegates that you would normally see on the pageant world. She answered her Q&A with a relevant answer and confidently.

  3. The Philippines has been placing in the top 10 or better for so long that I’m still stunned and saddened Gaz did not make the top 10. It is as if I feel the Philippine sash is entitled an automatic top 10 placement. Back to earth for me.

    Great show.
    10 straight placement finishes for the Philippines… and life goes on.

    • Miss Mexico Universe 2019 opined in speech that the judges are not looking for a model but a role model. Well, she almost got it right. The all-women judges of MU org were looking for a model and role model all-in-one and found it in Miss South Africa Universe 2019 whose tribal warrior-like beauty is indeed a better icon than the other hot beauties in these times of widespread violence against women. What’s more, Miss Universe 2019 could probably generate lucrative sponsorships from South African diamond companies to the obviously cash-strapped MU org — better than Miss Universe 2018 did from Philippine companies that proved more inclined to grant sponsorships to the 2019 SEA Games. Sincere congratulations, Queen Zozibini Tunzi!

  4. Just for the fun of discussion and reading comments… A lot were saying if Patch and Gazini switched, the odds of winning would have been higher. My take is that I do not think so. Let’s say Miss Universe is mostly about character now, they still are looking for a woman with sass. Patch’s frame I find too petite, and for a particular kind of sass to come out she needs more time to bloom, just like Pia. Even Gazini at 23 still has time to bloom. This age I think was Pia’s age when she first joined Binibini.

    So with Iceland and Indonesia being so young and having reached that far, is actually already impressive. Imagine the progress they would have made if they joined later in life. I still hoped Iceland got in instead of Thailand, and France instead of Colombia. Both are very refreshing. Iceland wears the least amount of makeup and is very well-spoken, while France has the most charming humor.

    I did not imagine Mexico getting in, but with that unforgettable twirl in her red gown, she’s already topnotch. South Africa deserves every bit of her triumph. She does not only have brains as a lot of people would say. She has that Miss Universe sass, and the walk. The way she swayed her hips was beyond elegant.

    Gazini deserves to be our representative, her beauty is Miss Universe. Let us just say it’s not her time. Now I only hope the best for her career, and not use that Adriana Lima – Kim Kardashian face in vain like our other past representatives who drowned in self-obsession. This is also where we can see if Gazini is true to her words, if she will pursue her advocacy for the elders. I believe she is very kind in real life.

    Also I am not in favor of an all-female panel. The organization should include a variety of people, including men. And they should exceed more than six the way they did back in the days.

  5. Steve Harvey is correct when he said Catriona Gray raised the bar so high, so much so that she brought a new era in the MU pageant, an era where intelligence, wit, wisdom and substance reign supreme. The top 3’s final statement (a new format) is proof of a beginning of new era. For a while during the interview round I thought I was seeing world leaders talking of global issues in front of the camera. Is BPCI ready for this new era? Are we all ready?

    • I couldn’t agree more. From top 5, to top 3, to FINAL SPEECH, it’s all about being able to express yourself with so much confidence that South Africa easily did in a breeze. Wala na sa ganda ng face or body. Bb. Pilipinas please reassess and consider this main factor.

  6. Mukhang yung articulation ang basehan ngayon. Magaling naman talaga magsalita si South Africa, e pumabor pa sa kanya ang question at closing spiel. Lakas ng impact nung may touch of racism ekek nya, e sya lang naman ang pwede magsabi nun dahil sya lang naman ang black sa tatlo, nahighlight nya yung pagiging minority ng black that needs to stop. Anyway, deserving naman kahit sino sa kanilang tatlo. Sayang lang si Mexico at di makaexpress ng mas malinis pa kasi halatang di naman nya first language ang English pero nag-effort, kudos to her.

  7. As a Filipino, I was sad when Gazini was not even called sa the top 10. But as a pageant fan, i thought her placement was just right. Seeing her reliminary performance. I already set my mind that she wont make it. Honestly. Her gold gown was not impressive and it looks so heavy on her. Idk. I just dont like the styling. With her swimsuit performance. It was ok. And just ok. U can watch other youtube reactors and they were not impressed as well. Still hurting after they called the top 10. But when thailand was not included in the top 3. I was relieved. I felt satisfied. Ayoko lng tlga manalo thailand hahaha yun lng. Kse mahuhurt ako dami na nilng crowns. Bitter lng . Pero aminin nio. Nung di nakapasok si thailand sa top 3. Natuwa kayo dba? Hahaha

    • Hihihi, me too. I dunno if the issues surrounding Fahsai were planned or just bad timing but it didn’t help her at all.

  8. negra ang MUO manager
    negra ang Miss Teen USA
    negra ang Miss USA
    negra ang MU

    negro ang host

    puro nognog sa Atlanta

    anyway kahit pasok sa top 10 si Gazini eh hindi sya makaka sabay sa kudaan si Taeland nga di nakasabay eh Canadian na yun

    • @kembular, hindi fluent sa English si Thai. You should watch mut Thailand 2017. Q and a nya dun halata di nya din na gets. Pero fluent sya mag Thai so talagang thailander.

  9. This is the 10th placement in a row for Phl so good job, Gaz! Ang laki ng pressure sa ‘yo after Catriona’s stint last year but you gave your all. At least, hindi totoo ang chismis na pre-determined winner si Pasay. I can imagine ang laking frustration ng kapitbahay natin dahil nasilat na naman ang chance nilang maka-3rd MU crown. Btw, laglag din pala sina Brazil at Venezuela sa top 10, si USA sa top 5.

  10. Our Binibinis did not perform well this year! Emma is the last hope to give a little boost of their over-all performance! Good luck Ms. Tiglao!

  11. Make or break talaga ang Q & A so mahirap mag-predict ng placement. Walang man lang ako nabasa na nagsabing South Africa ang mananalo.

    • I’ve read 9 so called “experts” giving their predictions on who will win Ms. U 2019 pero ni isa walang tumama sa Top 3 nila. Sa Q & A talaga nagkakatalo.

    • Sierra Bearchell made her predictions before the show and her winner was South Africa. She also watched the prelims live, so her opinions hold more weight than armchair judges like us.

      • And Miss Bearchell said that Gazini has the most beautiful face among Miss U contestants this year.

  12. With a storied history of a segregated society where at one time a black and a white delegate were sent to compete at Miss World, I believe Zozibini is the first “black” South African beauty to have won a MU (3) or MW (2) crown. Bravo

    In one calendar year, the big 4 pageants that matter in the US; Miss America, Miss Teen USA, Miss USA and MU all crowned black women. Definitely a first.

  13. Not overthinking but i agree with some that the placement of bbpci may have been better if assignments were switched. senior care might have appealed more to the japanese culture and MIO. While woman empowerment that patch mentioned during her speech might have been better heared in the MU stage instead. I love them all but I were to choose, it will be Emma that I wish could be fielded to MU.. as she appears eanderling and spontaneous.. Well we cant change the past anymore, and Gaz gave a good fight and a great show. but these are things we can take note of for the next ones we will send. MJs experience somehow also made waves to make a change in the gowns and national costume.. so this one is a learning exp again for the PH. 🙂 btw.. SA has been in the semis too and already a powerhouse even before.. MJ and Paulina Vega’s batchmate in 2014 was on fire and said to have been robbed of the crown. She alao sported a short hair that time and was very articulate. SA is really sending women of substance and glam in the MU stage even before. Congrats to SA.

      • Hmmm.. when i watched the interviews.. emma’s quicker to respond with substance and wit. She may not sound fluent and he english is very pinoy, which i like but i think someone pointed out quick processing and putting thoughts together is the most crucial part in the Q&A to have something to say that matters.. and this will take time for someobe to really learn. Mexico who is already a public speaker struggled abit. Being outspoken as what cat has set is now the way to go. MU = spokesperson as what the org has been emphasizing recently.

  14. Any ONE of those three could have gotten that crown and I’d be happy. Those scores/marks couldn’t have been closer, in my opinion.

  15. South Africa is on fire ! two MUs in two years … Gaz, you are the most gorgeous !!! Congrats on the National Costume and congrats to your team !

    Emma and Michelle , watch out for them as they slay !!!

  16. Congratulations, SA ! Let’s give it up to Gazini as well for representing the Philippines (a top 20 placement isn’t too bad. We were able to keep the semifinal streak going for 9 years :-). And to Queen Cat – thank you for making the Filipinos so proud. Your parting message tugs the heart and you are one amazing Miss Universe ! Maraming Salamat, Catriona Elisa Magnayon Gray, Miss Universe 2018 🙂 🙂 🙂

  17. Kung si Julia Saubier ang pinadala natin baka naka top 10 or top 5 siguro kung credentials lang ang labanan.

    • I think we were caught off guard of this year’s selection process. BPCI focused more on the beauty aspect of the competition. I believe Gazini’s downfall was the preliminary interview. It is not her speaking skill that led to her exclusion from the top 10 but the lack of substance and fire. The top 10 finalist speaks wisdom, strength and confidence. Yes, Julia or Patch could have placed higher if we sent them. Will they win? Highly possible because both are very intellectual with strong resume. MY OTHER THEORY – excluding Philippines from the top 10 was a strategic move by the judges because they know obviously that Gazini will surely slay the swimsuit and evening gown making it impossible for her to be excluded in the top 5, and if luck plays in her favor a possible top 3 is just around the corner. So, they just decided to end her quest early! I’m not impressed with France and yet she was there in the top 10. Her opening statement was non-sense and she fell during the swimsuit! Taking that into account, how could she halve made that far! This is the very reason why I strongly agree with Tito Norm’s prediction on Miss Philippines! Kaya sali na ulit Hulya!

    • This made me laugh- good point! But I’m sure they have sprays for African hair types.

    • This made me laugh! Good point, but I’m sure they hat sprays for African hair types!😂

    • Kaloka ka inday!! Bwakkkk😂😂👍
      The current Winner will never go far with her winning.
      Kung si Queen Cat nga nilangaw Lang during her Reign…
      Ito pa kayang Gurl na wizzz naman gaano Beautiful at maiiksi ang hairlalu 🤣😉😄

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