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  1. Hi Sir Norms, matagal ko natong observation pero ngayon ko lang itatanong. Napansin ko po kasi na halos lahat ng countries under British colony, very articulate at poetic sumagot. Even the African students na nandito sa atin, di sila intimidated (kaya takot yung ibang Pinoys na makipag-usap dahil daw English). Kahit po yung mga ordinardy Africans , walang inferiiority pag iniinterrview on TV. Dahil po ba sa British system of education? Influence? Culture?….

    • It could be many reasons – culturally or educationally. But mixed with their core values and the British colonization, they may have developed stronger characters that can translate to the way by which they express themselves.

    • That is a good observation. India, and some of our neighboring countries like Hong Kong and Singapore were also under the Brits, and apart from most of their people being articulate, they have found a way to be a country more progressive than the others. Canada and the US were also under them long ago. On the other hand look at American colonies… those in Latin America including us Philippines are still stuck in a rut education/economy-wise.

      • Because they were not impaired by the Catholic Church… People don’t understand that majority of Latin America and the Philippines was not only colonized by the Spanish Empire but also by the Catholic church which is also an independent state…the partnership between the two impaired their colonies mentaly, politicaly and best of all, economicaly by creating submissive constituents AKA religious fanatics who are more than willing to give away their resources to their conquerors…
        With the Brittish empire it is more of a business partnership but to our Latin colonizers it is a form of indirect slavery… through our banks, public utilities & religion which are all up and running upto this day.

    • Some of these colonized African nations adopted English as either their primary language or their secondary language. You will see that some Africans have good command in English language and quite articulate despite having thicker african accent. They are not judged by their own kind unlike other nations (ahemmmm)…..lol.

  2. From the opening statement to a final 5 q&a, final 3 q&a NOW a “closing statement” has been added to showcase the communication skills of the last three

    South Africa was a cut above her top 3 counterparts in her thought processing and in eloquence when delivering her answers and message. Awesome performance.

    Pia and Catriona both are to be blamed for raising the bar due to their “drop the mic” final 3 q&a responses at their respective pageants…😉

    BPCI… lesson learned?

  3. Next Year si France naman ulit mananalo

    Kasi with IMG as owners of MUO: Sa Philippines, South Africa and France umiikot lang sa Tatlo ang title (aminin)


  4. If rumors are true…
    Pwede makajoin uli next years si Patricia Magtanong. If not me mga bala pa tayong tinatago…

    Daisha Jimenez, Klea Pineda and Hannah Arnold needs to be trained by Nad Bronce and Boy Abunda ASAP….

    I’m sure one of our Miss Millenial candidates have the potential of becoming a future international title holder.

    • Wag na magpatrain sa KF kung ilalaban sa MU. A&Q pa din ang mas trust-worthy. Ginagawang matrona ng KF ang mga pambato natin sa MU.

    • No to Hannah Arnold for Miss Universe. Kailangan good speakers. She’s better off sa Miss International with a memorized speech. Wala ba tayong natutunan sa pagkapanalo ni Cat and now Miss South Africa? Eloquent speakers only.

      If rumors are true na MUP will be a separate pageant, expect previous winners to join.

      Sayang. If only Kris Janson and Nicole Cordoves were still of age. Sigh.

      Michelle Gumabao can also think quick on her feet. Hasa na from reporting for ABS CBN Sports.

  5. If we had only sent Patch or SamLo or Aya, we could have had a higher placement. I think the new format of Miss U fits well to these ladies, instead of Gazini. Miss u emphasize more on the com skills now. During Bb Pilipinas, I remember I ranked Gaz as my Grand International: and Viki as my miss int’l but vicki failed during Q&A in Bb Pilipinas. ……. I am sad Gaz didn’t make it, I want back2back so badly. but im still thankful coz it saved us all Filipinos from embarassment. The Questions were tough. The ladies spoke english well. Plus, there were closing statements. Sad to say, even to Mexico-an average faced latina and poor styling woman, Gaz cannot stand shoulder to shoulder with her. If Puerto Rico just gave a more impacful closing statement and answer during the top 3, Puerto Rico could have won it. If the basis were the top 5 qna, Puerto Rico was the winner there…but SA redeemed herself and dropped the mic during top 3 QnA…. As a former language instructor, u could tell that South Africa was very eloquent, and well read. If you happen to watch the interviews after she had won, u notice the press bombarded her with thought provoking questions, and she answered it very impecablly. Miss U has totally changed its brand. And we filipinos have raised its standards because of Cat and Pia. Should we send another delegate, better be the same caliber or higher than our previous queens in terms of comm skills. If we were still on the trump era, Gaz could have been our 5th Miss Universe: beacuse she has the most beautiful face this year, and almost on point styling. Then again, it’s not enough in todays pageant format.

    • Gaz wasn’t the beautiful, excuse me. Many other candidates look way better and fresher than her.

  6. Ang malinaw na nag threepeat ay ang KF hehe peace everyone…observation lang naman…

    • Wala sa camp Yan. Tingin ko nga nag maldita Yun mga Latina judges
      . Swertihan naman. Ako ha I love Maxine but Kung hindi mu 2016 sa Pinas tingin nyo ba top 6 tayo. Pansin nyo puro us venue natatapat sa kf
      Si Gazini malakas sa lalaki h judges if babae judge di sya magiging fave

      • Wala din connect kung location ay sa US… Kasi year ni Venus, Janine and Pia, sa US din lahat ginanap…

      • Sasagutin kita ng isang malaking oo… mas maayos ang presentation ni bobitang Maxine sa Swimsuit at EG… kung itatapat mo sya sa ibang AQ na lumaban sa MU, ilalapit ko sya sa scores ni Janine T. Mas fluid at mas may impact ang bawat galaw ni Bobitang Maxine kesa iba… so OO deserve ni Maxine ang Top 6 placement nya…

        P.S. di ako fan ni Maxine nung BBP days nya, pero nung napanood ko ang prelims at finals nya sa MU, umasa ako sa makakalaban sya hanggang sa huli which is nagawa nya…

  7. She has strong stage presence, intelligence, and a face fit for the cover vogue.

    Congratulations South Africa…again! 🙂👍🏽

    • Bakit ba nagkakalat ang mga alipores ni Julia Saubier?!!! Josko, kahit anong talino pa niyan – kung panget naman, wala talaga! Napakaordinaryo ng mukha ng Saubier na yan. As in parang prostitute ang fes sa Pegasus.

      Look at Zozi, may regal bearing. She’s not conventionally beautiful pero pak ang awra at matalino. Si Saubier, utak lang na tinubuhan ng mukha.

  8. Congrats na rin at naka top 20.
    Kakapanalo lang natin last year eh.
    Sayang we didn’t get to see PH in her swimsuit and evening gown.
    Why does Ms. PH keep wearing that ugly purple gown? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  9. 2020 MUP criteria: 80% QandA/ intelligence + educational background. 10% swimsuit and evening gown. 10% beauty of face. Ganern!!! Ewan ko lng next year!!!🤣

  10. cONGRATS…she’s deserving, smart answer and she performed very well. Her stage presence was so strong and outshone the other delegates. I was rooting for mEXICo but they were all deserving top 3’s.

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