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  1. If BbPCI will be headed by a Bb Alum just like Shamcey will head MUPOrg , who should be the right one to become Shamcey’s head-to-head challenger ? … If I were to choose , it should be someone who did not win a MUP crown but rather one of the other crowns … perhaps Nicole Cordoves …

  2. Ms. Supsup, you are an ARCHITECT.

    Tell your Production folks to make a SET (NOT a simple stage) for MUP that will trump anything done at SMART-Araneta Coliseum by BPCI.

    I want MUP to be included among the ranks of the very best Nationals, like Miss France, Miss Russia, and (Gladrags)Femina Miss India for this very reason. I want a SHOW, NOT a college theater play!

    For this, a venue with a VAST floor and HIGH ceiling will be needed. Start looking!

    The SMX Convention Center is what comes to my mind…

    • SMX??? NOPE. lol mas okay na sa araneta than SMX. SMX has kinda low ceiling. and if you are pertaining to the mega halls at the lobby. nope, may pillars.

      Okay na sa Araneta or MOA Arena. just make a better production.

      Also, in all fairness naman. kahit medyo napag iiwanan ang stage ng BBP, isa pa din siya sa most anticipated Nationals kasama ng Miss Venezuela, Miss USA. Sa mga nababsa ko, silang tatlo lagi ang inaabangan. then next na lang ang Thailand, Indonesia and Russia.

  3. kawawang Gazini
    bunga ng rigodon

    can imagine her in the middle of all these transitions
    kuda ng camp nya
    kuda ng bpci
    kuda ng new mupo

    kawawa pero nag top 20 pa rin ha

    • Feeling ko naman, BBP2019 pa lang, may usapan na sila na by 2020, wala na ang MUP Franchise sakanila. kaya nga dba on every photos, the logo of MUP is alongside BPCI’s. so feeling ko 2019 is the transition / farewell batch.

      Huwag na natin isipan pa ng kung anu-ano. Gazini performed well. she did her best. But maybe the rest performed better. it’s not yet our time to have a back-to-back. maybe in the near future.. Ang may K lang mag back-to-back is Venezuela and PH and USA.. but if South Africa will keep on sending girls like Zozibini and Tamaryn.. then.. go, sali din sila.

  4. We are awaiting the presscon or whatever it is for BPCI statement regarding this change of guard for MU will they continue their advocacy or pass it to other Organization what do you think Norman

  5. Shamcey is a class act.

    I still remember her breaking down into tears as the last of the final cut to make it to the Dream Class of 2011 that later gave us three MUP reps.

    What a decade we had. With this new move, we have something to be excited and hopeful for and work hard towards.

    Medyo entitled na tayo mga Pinoy fans. A good piece of humble pie and change of strategy might us some good.

  6. Side note…

    Did anyone else notice that Puerto Rico and Mexico, both from hispanophone countries, did not use interpretors in their q&a and final word responses? Could this be a trend to how the Latinas crown their beauties in the future.

    Kudos, to them for making MU19 intriguing to watch even after our Gaz failed to make the top 10.

  7. A new day has dawned in pageantry.

    After last night’s MU19 crowning of the exotic and eloquent black beauty from South Africa, criteria for a MU title has tweaked what is expected.

    The perfect evening gown, the swimsuit sass, the towering height, the beautiful face and the slim hard body, no longer solely determines the winner. These attributes now just “accentuates” the major requirements of intelligence, character and the ability to articulate and communicate your thoughts with clarity, purity and conviction. Thank you Pia and Catriona. In retrospect, we should have saw this coming.

    Looking further back if IMG owned the MUO in 2012, with a panel of all female judges and its present day philosophy then Janine Tugonon, with agruably “thee” best final 5 q&a response, would surely have been crowned Miss Universe. Sorry Olivia..

    Janine, Pia and Catriona, given their epic final 5 and 3 responses, I feel, paved the way to how MU is crowned now and in the future.

    Congratulations Shamcey Supsup. You got your job cut out for you.

  8. The appointment of a holistic beauty like Shamcey as MUP National Director, coming in the heels of the crowning of another multi-dimensional beauty as MU 2019, clearly defines the direction MU is spearheading towards. Indeed, MOU can no longer ignore the broad concept of beauty sweeping the world. Beauty can no longer be viewed simply from the narrow physical lens, else we commodify women. A beautiful mind and a beautiful character, combined with a culturally-defined sense of physical beauty, are what makes a truly beautiful woman. With this concept as the take-off point for the branding direction of MU, I do not see any reason why it would be difficult for MU to get global corporate sponsors and institutional partners.

    Congratulations Shamcey!

  9. Congrats Shamcey!!! Labanan na to ng magaganda at makukuda… Dapat puro women empowerment ang advocacy…

  10. 1. So it means Gazini doesn’t have to do the passing of the crown to the next Ms Phls. U? If not will she need to grace the coronation night?
    2. Will they allow other title holders in the past from Bb to join again?
    3. Is this only exclusive to Ms Universe Phils title?
    4. Will they do the same parade of candidates that a lot of people look forward to and where?
    5. What will be the tv network to broadcast this? ( I hope it stays with Abs-Cbn but production wise they suck)
    6. How is Jonas Gaffud get rid of the bias opinion and decision if the winner is from his ex Camp?
    7. When will the pageant be?
    8. Is Ms. Universe 2020 in the Phlippines will happen this time as some sort of welcome party to the new owner? (imo, we’d rather host it as we do way way better than the US, sponsorship is not a problem as this is as huge as boxing)

    • I think gaz will pass the crown coz mu ph org is already behind her back after her bbp win
      Im more interested if this will be like basketball all Stars. Former queens joining again

  11. dami sasalihan ng mga merlat
    BbP MI etc
    Reyna ng Aliwan

  12. So excited what is in store for us, pageant fans come 2020. the MUPo should really step up and give us a better prod, girls and everything. Sana MU levels din ang production. Who owns the franchise kaya, Tito Norms? The LCS Group?

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