10 comments on “Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi during the Media Conference

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  3. Miss Mexico nailed the q&a si S.A. para manalo gagamit nang discrimination ekek dami nang winner na black at magaganda din sila and even top models of the world even Serena Williams may asawang cute na puti walang nagsabing di sila maganda kahit puti may chaka din hehe whag nang laging pa kawawa…everyone is in equal footings…

  4. Hmmm! Give it a couple of weeks and then MUO will come back to their senses.
    Lalangawin Lang yan, pustahan tayo! If I’ll bump into her sa 5th Avenue, I probably won’t recognize her at all. Lots of beautiful Black girls in NYC.
    If they really want diversity, dapat yung Iceland or USA ang nanalo.
    Me think those girls were far superior than SA.

  5. I’m not sold to her answer on what young girls should be taught. She answered leadership and then went on to finding one’s place and cementing it (self-determination?) These 2 may be related but not the same. Leadership involves others, self-determination does not. Just saying.

    Pero congratulations na rin.

  6. From the top 3 QnA, mas bet ko ang sagot ni Mexico, then Puerto Rico.. But then South Affrica, who happens to be equally articulate, was the chosen one being black and can talk.

    • @SQ I don’t find anything great about her answer. It’s not as sharp, focused and relevant to the question as it could be. It’s just bold and wordy.

  7. I love her.

    She was the perfect choice. Beautiful & so well-spoken & well-informed & smart. The definition of an empowered woman & queen.

    As for Philippines missing the cut, every time we didn’t get into the top 5 this decade, we won the following year. So am looking forward to next year. Aspirants for the Miss Universe Philippines title should start preparing now.

    Our SEA neighbors have started to surpass us so we cannot be complacent. We can celebrate their successes because we WIN AS ONE for Asian beauty. But why not give them a strong fight & good competition?

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