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  1. Eh kung si Sam Lo sana pinadala sa MU, eh di nanlamon din ng mic si ate! Di ako solb dun sa Magtanong as MUP. Too contrived, too rehearsed. Educational background doesn’t equate to wit, depth and quick thinking. Tsaka Di na rampa rampa lang ang basehan ng MU ngayon! Substance na! And sadly, walang substance sumagot yung Gazini na bet na bet ng mga baklang kanal na overthinkers

    • Princess Jasmine. Alam ng lahat dito na tard ako ni Sam Lo. Sya nga pinu push ko mag mup uli sa other thread kaso nga himayin natin na di talaga feel ni aling Paulina Vega and friends ang pinas Sam lo Is like Brazil Julia horta, strong empowered yet ni laglag ni Paulina and friends
      So if Sam lo o saubier Yan or si patch or si dyosa g ahtisa Yan come 2020.Wag USA or Latin soil

    • What they need is a VENUS/SUPSUP/ARA/Maxine with Rachel Peter’s body for their next Bb MUP……..who is modern and has a great public speaking skills both in her native/English language.

  2. Not overthinking but i agree with some that the placement of bbpci may have been better if assignments were switched. senior care might have appealed more to the japanese culture and MIO. While woman empowerment that patch mentioned during her speech in MI might have been better heared in the MU stage instead. I love all our queens but if I were to choose, it will be Emma that I wish could have been fielded to MU.. as she appears endearing and spontaneous.. Well we cant change the past anymore, and Gaz gave a good fight and a great show. but these are things we witnessed provide learnings to take note of for the next ones To be sent. MJs experience paved the to make a change in the gowns and national costume.. so this one is a learning exp again for the PH. 🙂 btw.. SA has been in the semis too and already a powerhouse even before.. MJ and Paulina Vega’s batchmate in 2014 was on fire and said to have been robbed of the crown. She also sported a short hair that time and was very articulate. SA is really sending women of substance and glam in the MU stage even before. Congrats to SA.

    • I think you are referring to Jamaica who is short hair during MU2014 and not South Africa. Also with regards to Patch’s speech it is a topic set by MI not a chosen topic by the candidates.

      • Oh yeah im sorry it was jamaica, i mixed those two up.Apologies for that. For patch’s speech.. though it might have been assigned, it still sounded very strong which is more fit in the MU stage. Fitting even for the final question asked by steve.

  3. Not too familiar with SA’s successes (or failures) sa ibang pageants. Or talagang powerhouse lang sa Miss Universe?

    Biggest disappointment/shocker (choose):

    1. Gazini not making top 10
    2. Brazil not making top 10 (at parang sinabit lang sa top 20 – considering her front runner status
    3. Thailand not winning (again, considering front runner status, after Miss Earth stint, where she was also unplaced)
    4. Argentina not making top 20
    5. Ireland not making top 20

    As much as I was rooting for Iceland, her EG presentation showed her “youth” – to the negative, in my opinion. I wished her MU stint to be 2 or 3 years from now.

  4. In the simplest of terms I say, MUP org should crown the prettiest among the best (extemporaneous) speakers in next year’s batch – a beautiful, empowered spokesperson with a commanding presence and a distinct purpose.

  5. What did I say? I was right to predict she wouldn’t even crack top 10. Too old fashioned styling, weird gown , KF is baduy to the max as always. No offense Norm but you let your blind nationalism cloud your predictions. Black MU ! Modern beauty !

    • I totally agreed!!!! She is pretty and yes deserving of her Bb crown and represented her country, but she wasn’t the strongest out there. The old fashioned styling was her downfall.

    • Agreed. Daming bakla rito na nao-offend pag magsasabi ka ng negative sa KF, pero totoo naman.

      Kaya nga KF tumatandang paurong, kasi di makatanggap ng criticism, katulad ng mga supporters nila.

      Tingnan niyo, pinag-iwanan na ng panahon. Nagte-train pa rin ng mga girls ang basehan yung Trump era. Looks over brains – wala nang ganyan sa MU ngayon. Dapat beauty AND brains na!

      Anong taon na KF, kelan pa?

  6. Congratulations to South Africa. And to the two runners up. You all deserved to be in the top three and anyone of you could have been Miss Universe. Very eloquent speakers with depth. With you I was convinced that this is not just a beauty pageant but has so much more. And all the top 5 as well were very good speakers. Top 10 too.

    Congrats to Gazini also as she made it to the top 20 just the same and continued the placement of PH for 10 years straight in the semis. I am just sad that I did not see her strut her stuff in the swimsuit and evening gown final 10. I am sure that she would slay and outshine them all. But it was not to be. Well we cant win them all the time. The judges were looking for something and found it somewhere else. There were so many deserving candidates.

    And as Steve H would say don’t take it against the lady. It’s still a Merry Christmas. No sour graping, just some lessons learned.

    You did us proud Gazini, and gave us something to hope and be happy about, even for a short while. You are still breathtakingly beautiful, and an inspiration to many. You will always be a queen.

  7. WOW, it’s amazing how SA won the crown. She was very direct and commanding on the stage. Top 3 questions was classic and relevant to today’s society. Mexico was also good, i love her sincerity, but i think she just got too wordy and very long delivery of her answer might have cost her the crown. She was definitely prettier than SA or PR, but Kudos to the tree ladies.

  8. I suppose to go to my favorite hair salon for rebond purposes this lunch time, but I shall postpone it. I don’t want my hair burned!

    Very sadly though, I think Gazini did not live by the expectations of the judges on how eloquent Filipinas they perceive to be. Gaz stuttered in the delivery of her message during the first round. That caused her elimination.

    Now I thought BPCI had assigned the wrong titles to Patch and Gaz. They should have exchanged titles.

    Anyway, congrats to South Africa. A well-deserved win.

    That’s all.

    • Yes yes yes…she stuttered on her speech and when she tried to be playful with Steven and perhaps the nerve started to kick in that’s when she started to be too wordy. Oh well, she’s pretty but yeah…top 15??? BPCI needs a combination of VENUS/SUPSUP/ARA plus Maxine Medina beauty for their next Bb University delegate.

      • Plus the brain of Cat.

        Now I wonder if the MUP franchise will definitely be taken away from BPCI. I understand the franchise would have expired had Cat not won last year.

        Would we say now that KF could only settle best for semis? Three is evident.

        That’s all.

      • Can you just imagine her performance in the close door interview. I think that is the real basis in determining the top 10 not the 30 sec speech.

    • I honestly don’t think it was just the delivery. I think her advocacy did not resonate well with the judges. I mean look at France, how could she make that top 10 with such silly speech about her twin. lol
      Si Peru, broken English din per dahil Latina ang judges eh naipasa nya.

      I think Gazini had Catriona to follow up so it was a double standard against her. Catriona is a natural English speaker. Gazini isn’t.

      • That’s exactly my point. Everyone here keeps on blaming her stutter but it wasn’t all about that. Her delivery wasn’t very forceful compared to the other ones. I think she got a little nervous.

        So how do you explain France’s depth in her speech and making it top 10?

    • On the second thought, it’s not only that she stuttered, but the coherence of her answer was off. She totally mixed her statement albeit the fact that her advocacy about the elderly care was manifestly there. Her first sentence was this: “The world is ageing, and my grandparents raised me, and I worked in an organization supporting elderly case.” It’s chopsuey. It shows that she can hardly organize her thoughts.

      Evidently, Gaz got the nerves. Perhaps she had memorized a statement from the get-go, and as soon as they were called to give their respective statements, her memory worked pointblank.

      Anyway, it was still a good fight for our candidate.

      That’s all.

  9. the 1st woman in the Top 20
    is last woman standing

    South Africa is the new powerhouse
    2017 winner
    2018 1st ru
    2019 winner

  10. I know I’m biased, but what was the point of the Top 20 speech round when the eventual Top 3 had to answer two questions and make a closing statement anyway? All it does is lag the production.

    • Yeah you are right. The 30 sec speech is just part of the image/branding of MU making their organization relevant. As if the judges are really scoring the candidate that fast. Some candidates introduce themselves other describe their advocacies while others are just blah blah.

  11. YESSSSS! The new Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi is proudly sporting her Grace Jones regal looks with utmost humility, succinct intellect and a BIG heart for power in diversity! So happy with the results! It’s the next best thing to a back to back win for the Philippines! Now I don’t feel so bad anymore about Gazini only making it as far as she did!

  12. I’m happy that SA won and that Thailand did not win …
    USA was left out because the MUO did not want her to win MU .
    Gazini should have replaced Thailand or Indonesia .

    • Nag celebrate ako nung hindi nakapasok si USA sa top 5.

      Kung nakapasok yon, malamang siya na panalo.

    • Thailand did not win cause she is too Catrionish. MU does not want a copy cat. They want original and authentic.

      • Thailand did not win because of her lack in substance in the Q&A. Ligwak ang sagot compared to others.

  13. Well deserved win for South Africa! Karma ito sa BPCI for singling out such an amazing contestant, Julia Saubier. I hope she joins again to prove that outer beauty is not everything.

  14. Blessing in disguise that Gazini didn’t make the interview round. It saved her the embarassment that would taint her for a lifetime. Musta pala ang mga baklang kanal na anlakas anlakas ng blind faith?

    • I agree sa first two statements. Uncalled for yung last. Fans have the right to wish and hope for the best.

    • i’M HAPpy for her….i had this gut feeling that SA will be a contender……..like a black horse……..after TAMARYN last year, many people would not consider the new SA to be a contender since she wasn’t facially beautiful, but her QA and her stage presence prove many wrong. I was also rooting for ICELAND (after i saw her on the stage with her gown)…she’s so pretty and has this romantic look. Mexico is also pretty!!!

  15. South Africa was the closest country to THREEpeat.
    Congratulations South Africa. Undeniably a formidable power at MU.

    2019 Winner
    2018 1st runner up
    2017 Winner

  16. Wow, Demi, Tamaryn – 1st RU, then, now! Let’s talk about SA as a powerhouse!

    • May winning streak talaga ang KF sa pagiging patalo. HA HA HA HA Jejecamp pa more

    • Actually it would have been triple victory for them only if Tamaryn did not slip and was not nervous during the Q and A. I really thought looks-wise and profession-wise (as a doctor) she is way above Catriona. But it was Cat who had more confidence.

      Gone are the days when Miss Universe is all about just being pretty. And South Africa has always crowned empowered women. Look at Rolene of Miss World for instance. And every contestant they crown really can back up what they say in terms of profession and advocacy.

      Catriona also set the standards really, really high.

      On a side note, I am relieved Thailand did not get the spot… among all that were called she was the one who gave me a negative villain aura.

    • I think she needs to end her dream! She failed to deliver an exceptional answer when she has needed to. Another missed opportunity for Faisal!

  17. We are playing volleyball with South Africa. It’s in their court this time I believe.

    • You’re correct! Grabe namahinga lng 1 year pero 1st runner up nmn! Dapat next year 50% ang interview sa criteria ng mananalo MUP

      • I agree with you 100%! I’m just curious, if the placement between Patch and Gazini was switched, could we have a better outcome? Just thinking!!!

  18. “I believe” they should stay away from wearing their sash especially during this latter stage of the competition, para makita yung full regalness of their gown. Especially since the stage is showing the country represented, in mega size! Di pa ba sapat yun?

  19. Gazini: noun. Beautiful, ah ah! Hahahaha. but brain is empty

    Use in a sentence. Cge nga!

    Ayaw ko na mag-aral Nay, tama na “Gazini” namn ako magandang puhunan sa buhay na yan!

  20. Shoot! The livestreaming by FastBreak stalled when South Africa was called to give her answer to the final question! Again I have this gut feeling that she fared better than Mexico and Puerto Rico, but did she?

  21. SA nailed it again! Succinct and to the point! Walang numerous “I believe….” like Mexico. PR is 1st runner up.

    Thank you, Catriona! What an amazing year you had!

  22. Mexico is a super speaker
    SA too . But beauty wise , she is not there . I would like for her to win because she is super nice
    Any of the 3 can win though

    • I was rooting for MEXICO…for the first time that a candidate answered the questions with sincerity, but i guess it wasn’t MEXICO’s time/stage. Mexico is definitely has the prettiest face amongst TOP 5. But SA answered with command and substance. PR is ok, she’s the typical barbie doll american/beach blond beauty. Her answer was good as well quite short and direct (it’s almost like lacking sincerity). I don’t know why did they not let MEXICO win (she got the right gown/look/and speaking skills). SA is starting to inch it’s way to the powerhouse status.

  23. OMG its between Mexico & Puerto Rico…
    Almost the same answer!
    One more verbose.. one more direct…
    Both articulate & meaningful…

  24. You can really feel Mexico…very heartfelt. SA very commanding, convincing…PR is 2nd RU…because she is pretty. Hehe 😉

  25. Unbelievable South Africa better than Colombia or Thailand ????
    Next year emphasis should always be a “good communicator “ she doesn’t have to be very pretty…she’ll probable win though(South Africa)
    I still hope Mexico wins!!!

  26. My prediction

    Puerto Rico= WINNER
    South Africa =1st RUp
    Colombia= 2nd RUp


  27. Dapat sinabi ni Thailand, “I like my gown because it’s exactly the shade that Catriona wore last year that made her the winner!!!” Her angling was even the same (prelims and tonight). Ang dami pa nyang sinabi!!!

  28. I have a very strong feeling that South Africa will slay the Q&A and pave the way for a black Miss Universe as widely gossiped about. So happy that she made it this far even if my previous fave for the crown Iceland failed to join her.

    • And she did!

      She’s not the most popular, as evidenced by the crowd’s silence every time she is called. She is also not the prettiest of all the “black” beauties. She redeemed herself with that gown, and the crowd finally warmed up.

      It’s between her and Puerto Rico!

  29. Thailand wearing that red gown with that hair made her look like a vampire — she wants some more 😁

    I love how SA described her dress. She was very regal.

    France was very moulin rouge with that feathery gown. It really showed her … and her underwear.

    Puerto Rico is coming off too strong.

    Ang cute ni Iceland. Love her!

  30. Is it just me or did anybody else find it a bad joke – as in rubbing salt on the wound – when Steve Harvey pretended he misread the teleprompter by announcing at first that Philippines is best in national costume when the real winner Malaysia was standing right beside him all along?

    • Oh geez! Mga baklang kanal na oversensitive at overthinking na naman! Take a chill pill jusko

      • @Jasmine

        Galawang DDShithead ang TH comments mo, bayot. Ang hirap talaga magpapansin kapag utak ebak na walang nagmamahal mula pagkabata gaya mo noh? Kaya abuloy ko na sa libing mo itong sagot ko.

  31. OMG…bigyan mo nang microphone sa akin. I never thought I could sing, but masmagaling pa ako kaysang kumakantang babae right now during evening gown competition. Nakakahiya for the host country naman.

  32. Mup 2020 abangan nyo. Inday gave her best. The all female judges maaring di feel si inday. Majority male ang judges when Gaz won in bbp

  33. Iceland is giving me a liela lopez vibe.. young, raw, sweet, relatable but with conviction on the ideals and causes shes fighting for.

  34. KF did it again! Their girls are also the most hyped and always just ends up only as a semi’s.

    Sabi ni Lu Sierra dapat she can speak. Unfortunately, that has been Gazini’s weakest spot.

  35. Would have loved to see Gazini in the swimsuit portion. It is what it is. Thanks Gazini for continuing the 10-year streak of the PH getting into the MU top 20 finalists!

    I love Iceland to win. She’s very fresh looking and humble.

  36. Ibabawi n lng daw ng Philippine Men’s National Volleyball team for gold tom s SEAG!!!😚

  37. Gusto kong imove yung mga mata ni Thailand para magkalapit. No offense, mejo alien-istic yung appeal nya!

  38. I want Iceland or Brazil to win. actually, kahiht sino. wag lang Indonesia and Thailand! LOL

  39. It’s too bad that Patch is not our representative.
    The format of MU this year seems to suits her more than Gazini.
    A top 20 finish is not bad though.

    But who really won best in national costume?

  40. Gusto ko lang kumustahin credibility ni Madam blogger baka kasi nailibing na. Back2back daw! Ayan na ang mga tangang baklang kanal, analyze at overthinking with history lessons na naman ba??? TAGAL KO NANG SINASABI, DI MANANALO YAN SI GAZINI KASI LIGWAK SA INTERVIEW!!! Asan na mga nagdidislike ng comments ko mga hindot!!! Tatak KF eh hahaha

  41. She reached as far as she could. BPCI is to blame for sending her to MU when Everyone knows that the org is looking for a spokesperson.

  42. We might witness an all black top 3 this year.. south africa, usa and iceland. My wish is for Iceland to get it. My heart fell when PH wasnt called. Good luck to the next MU.

  43. My Top 10 ranking:

    Puerto Rico
    South Africa

    As much as I don’t want to add salt to the wound… The grammar lapses was unimportant/forgivable but why the hell did she had to add that fake/forced MJ Lastimosa laugh in the end?!

  44. Then my observations is correct.

    on December 8, 2019 at 11:52 said:
    Let us remove from our mind set the back to back factor and just focus on Gazini alone. Her strength is her looks and showmanship. Her looks definitely progresses compare with BBP 2019. With regards to her performance, there is a complete turn around. From the bubbly and “vaklang-vaklang” presentation, she is more subdued now but still has the flirty feel to it. I hope this will work since this was one of the observation from KF camp in MJ’s time. To tone down the vakla factor. But I have this feeling that even though Gazini improved her communication skill she is still struggling in collecting and forming her thoughts. She still needs to give emphasis to the strong points of her answers. With this I’m thinking she did not perform well in the preliminary question and answer round. I hope I’m wrong. But definitely she will make it to the top 20 because of her preliminary performance in long gown and in swimsuit especially. Another reason is the sash factor and the strong support of Filipino fans in MU. But in the top 10, I’m thinking she will not make the cut, because the factor there is the result of close door interview. Because the 30 second speech is not that strong segment to be the basis in determining the top 10. Top 20 is the highest placement for Gazini in MU 2019. Again, I really do hope that my observations are wrong.

      • This was posted on bloggers prediction entry yesterday. There is a date and time stamp. Dec 8 11.52.

  45. Proud of Gazini top 20 finish!!
    All the girls were sincere with their answers…
    You don’t have to be beautiful to be called…South Africa she has a good advocacy and sincere answer…I did not t find her beautiful.
    Me think USA, France, Colombia, Iceland and Mexico will battle it out for the finals

  46. Hindi makakapasok ng top 10yan si gazini comms skills problem walang lalim mga sinasabi dinadaan sa arte

  47. Gusto ko awra ni Iceland, she looks at ease. Si Indonesia din pwede. But go go go Iceland!!!! First MU!!

  48. Gaz just got as far as she could (sigh). At least we’re not El Tocuyo this year for getting the first cut. Sadly though we’re eating the biggest chunk of humble pie as this is the lowest rank we ever got in Miss Universe this entire decade.

    • i’m sorry Gazini didn’t make top 10, but the other gals are very strong candidates and will make a worthy successor to Cat. Everyone’s deserving, but I don’t think their marks are separated by wide gaps. These gals have spontaneity, are innovators, highly, highly educated, well traveled, well-versed, and not only have to be able to give speeches, but convince their audience of their authenticity. I wonder if the preliminary scores are factored in up to their Top 20 speeches? If they were, maybe that’s where Gazini’s inability to break into Top 10 can be found. ( I personally wasn’t a fan of her prelim evening gown.)

  49. Possible top 10

    Kinakabahan ako kay Gaz

  50. I love Gazini’s unique cause.

    In fer lahat magaling mag English…

    France, what the heck was your speech about?

  51. The big five; Philippines, Brazil, Venezuela, India and Colombia all “wildcards.”

    MUO knows how to make the contest suspensful. Wow!

    Placement streak continues…hoping the top 10 streak continues as well.

  52. Hmmm her speech wasn’t inspiring and sounded entitled… She should’ve used that opportunity to speak her language or to shout-out to our people. I hope she makes up for it during the speech…

    PR, Mexico, Iceland nailed the speech..

    • @Closer…

      I read Gazini’s speech intact. It obviously wasn’t good enough to move her past the top 20 pero curious lang aq as to how you felt the speech “sounded entitled.” Enlighten is!

  53. Iceland over Ireland? But Iceland is pretty.

    Dominican Republic is kind of annoying 🙂

  54. Colombia Brazil PR US Albania Mexico
    Gazini is very pretty but she lacks spontaneity
    I don’t know if she’ll make top 10

  55. Lahat powerhouse countries Pasok, shet!!
    Colombia, Brazil Venezuela India Philippines Mexico Puerto Rico…all the girls speaks English and that good. Gazing forgot to elaborate her “ Jordi”, She list her focus I think trying to please Steve…..
    Me think Mexico will win

  56. Haissssst Gazini is finally in! And what a brilliant burst of personality in her casual interview! 👏👏👏

    • Same observation! She’s going to make it. Others comments here are so negative!

    • Haissssst umiwas munang magpagupit sa sangkabaklaan ngayon!

      Gazini, we know you did your best and we are thankful for what you have accomplished thus far. No more should’ve, could’ve, would’ve. It is what it is. The nine-year streak of Top 10 placement by our candidates has been broken, but it has been such a joyride and we can always look forward to next year and so on and so forth.

    • a back to back is welcome but if it’s not destined, will be happy if a first time winner will be crowned.

  57. Brazil and Colombia didn’t make it to the 5 choices for the Americas! Wildcards then?

  58. Ligwak din powerhouse Colombia , Brazil and Venezuela ….so sad pa rim Hindi pasok ang Philippine

  59. Shades of Venezuela being one of the wildcards last year but ending up as 2nd runner-up to Cat.

  60. So far frontrunners Gazini and Kenya from Asia and Africa, and Ireland from Europe are likely to be included among the wildcards for that extra suspense factor. Or what else could the possible reason/s be? Now who will it be from the Americas?

  61. Shettttttt mukhang sa wildcard ilalagay si Inday para exciting daw…

    Indonesia was awkward but she’s well styled tonight.

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