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  1. Mother Earth is calling for Gazini, Doon siya nababagay dahil walang B2B,…siguradong pasok siya figure and form at no make-up challenge..😃

  2. Stop bashing gays. Gazini did the country proud. Ikaw pabyan stop acting like you’re the most intelligent queen. Wala ka ipagmalaki. Mashoho keke mo. Kulubot ka! Nanlilimahid ka. Kaya stop awrang reyna. Don’t u ever bash Gazini!

  3. Nice!
    The Big Five; Philippines, Venezuela, Brazil, India and Colombia all “wildcards.” ???

    MUO is making this suspenseful! Awesome!

  4. MUorg is playing some kind of psychology now … they called the Wild Card the Final Five and the strongest delegates have not yet been announced… Philippines, Colombia, Brazil, Ireland, India …, maybe this is the Final Five

  5. OMG! Gazini is not part of the 5 top choices from Asia and Africa! What gives? So she will be part of the wildcards – she just gotta be!

  6. that duck walk statement of Thailand, Gazini mentioned that as her training walk while being interviewed inside the bus with Ms. Netherlands…hmmmm….

  7. My best guess is that the question would be something related to climate change worded in a way that it requires Gazini to choose just like the question for Shamcey Sup-sup…

    I was able to guess the Marijuana related question of Catriona and US base of Pia… I have a feeling that I am right again this year….

    Top 20


    Puerto Rico

    South Africa


    Asia and Europe really stepped-it up this year but the judges are mostly from Africa and the Americas… I guess there would be a surprise in the TOP 5 and a couple of El Tocuyo awards….

  8. My Final Top 10:

    Philippines – MU 2019


  9. 36 minutes before showtime!! Had dinner and ready to watch the show with a glass of wine plus snacks!!! Hope she makes it all the way to the end! Enjoy the show!!!

  10. What an ironic thought…

    Paulina Vega had a back-to-back win!
    Until it was taken from them five minutes later…

    Now, will she be part of giving the Philippines a back-to-back win, when it’s the very country that took it away from her country?

    I really do like to be hopeful… But I’m also realistic…

    • Do you honestly believe that? That the Philippines took away that crown from Arriadna? Wow! What an analogy!!!

      • I am just wondering about these thoughts, thinking that Paulina Vega is thinking this way.

        And no, I do not think that it was taken from them. I know that it was ours in the first place.

  11. it is a good thing that wannabe lu is not going to be backstage commentator this year. I will miss Ashley Graham. I hope Culpo and Lachey do a good job …Ashley is the best !

    • Stop bashing gays! Gazini did well. Ikaw pabyan mabaho keke mu. Wag ka magmarunong! Mabaho ka!kulubot ka! PANGIT KA!

  12. Overrated . Styling is so old fashioned and presentation is not natural . Stuff, calculated, not fresh , not modern . Sorry but she won’t even crack top 5 .

    • I agree…somewhat an old fashioned matronly styled….(blue pants with puffy white sleeves)…but she’s demure/relatable, with her trying to have an americanized accent, she’ll fare well if she plays her card really well….She’s definitely very pretty and very latina (in some angles)….I just wish that they would send a candidate that have these combo (Venus’s height, Janine pinay beauty, Supsup’s brain, and Ara’s fierceness)……..Gaz is pretty don’t get me wrong she can battle it out with the latinas 🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. there seems to be star accumulation points around ‘I’ countries and ‘P’ countries this year …


    Puerto Rico

    Maybe one of them will be crowned MU2019 ! and you know who you should cheer for !

    • Hangga sa huling sandali nega pa rin ang gagagitang si pabyan na mabaho ang kepay. Wala na talaga maidudulot na kabutihan sa universe ang hukluban na to. Kelan pa sya magvavu sa mundo para magkaroon ng universal peace. Lahat na lang may sinasabing Di maganda sa kapwa. TSUPIIIIII! MASHOHONG TANDERS NA MALANTOD!!!! J7

  14. She has superb facial beauty … but one Latin American girl , Bolivia I think , looks like her twin . This is not a good thing .
    And her walk , what’s wrong with The way Miriam and Venus walk ? I think Gazini should have had a more aggressive approach to her walk to be able to stand out . A ‘ cool girl walking in the park ‘ kind of vibe does not seem to suit her .
    And I wish she had worn a better color for her EG.. like the one worn by Indonesia

    • Hangga sa huling sandali nega pa rin ang gagagitang si pabyan na mabaho ang kepay. Wala na talaga maidudulot na kabutihan sa universe ang hukluban na to. Kelan pa sya magvavu sa mundo para magkaroon ng universal peace. Lahat na lang may sinasabing Di maganda sa kapwa. TSUPIIIIII! MASHOHONG TANDERS NA MALANTOD!!!!

  15. halos lahat naman mag red na

    final question is sino ang may hawak ng amulet

    yun ang mananalo

    sana si gurmeet na lang pinag judge

  16. Top 10 then CLAP. Both her and Pasay will clap . Vietnam , India , Bangladesh and Japan are the Asian girls who will do this year.

  17. We love you, Gazini! Go for it. Whatever happens, you have our support. Make us proud. 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭 Laban Pilipinas!!! We win as one.

  18. If Gaz is not the new MU, then I hope Gaz makes the top 3 and the last two standing are countries we have not seen before in the top two places…but I have a feeling history will repeat itself after 10 years !

  19. No doubt Gazini will give us a show to remember tonight, as she has all this time in Hotlanta.

    Come what may, she has represented us well. Her team”s” have prepared her well.

    It’s not many countries who go for the B2b at Miss Universe twice in 5 years!
    Grateful na la ako and enjoy the journey.

    As Cat reminisced, glance back at the path taken to prepare for the journey ahead. What a decade for the Philippines!!!!

    As Gaz opined, it’s the possibility of dreams coming true that makes life interesting. Can’t wait to see what the new decade holds.

    Good luck Gazini, and thank you for your chill yet undeniable LAVAN. We’ll be there with you in Atlanta tonight!!!!!

  20. A B2B win or a 2nd runner-up placement, the least. May the stars align in your favor tonight. God bless you, Gaz!

  21. Much love to you Gazini! At the end of the day, it is “you” to have been chosen and to have had the honorable task (plus all the burdens that go with it) and the privilege of representing your country on a global stage…not us. How easy one can forget the hard work, physically and emotionally, that goes with it…especially in a b2b scenario.

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