18 comments on “Gazini Ganados and her first interview after the Miss Universe 2019 Finals

  1. She’s beautiful and bubbly ang personality. I wish her well though in her future endeavour. May her MU stint opens a lot of opportunity for her. ❤

    All we wanted is just to see her do the swimsuit and evening gown presentation. but still, she did a great job. shocking lang pero ganon talaga. kung siya nga okay lang at happy with what she achieved, who are we para magpaka bitter. LOl

  2. Gaz made me proud and accept ko yung results without need to critique her. She does seem sweet, likeable, and hard working.

    I felt bad for her as the nerves were evident and I’ve never seen her speak in such an unraveled manner. I think kinabahan na si Inday thanks to her wild card placement and having to hear the oratory skills of the likes of South Africa, USA, Mexico, Iceland, etc.

  3. tapos na diba

    nag Top 20 na nga dami nyo pa kuda
    eh before nga masaling lang ng camera masaya na
    kaya nga kandakuba kakaboto maging miss photogenic lang kahit super chaka ng kandidata

    nabreak ni Ate Venus ang sumpa after ni Miriam.

    kayo na lumaban next time baka sakali manalo kayo

    and magdonate kayo pera para sa mga kandidata hindi yung puro kayo kuda

  4. she seems like such a sweet and beautiful person
    i think there’s a bright future ahead of her

    i will always remember, miss israel gal gadot
    not winning at MU but winning big time in the
    movies as wonder woman!

    i wish and hope for the same type of success for gazini

  5. I’ve said it she’s the most gorgeous,beautiful face and a perfect body ! I just wish the Top 20 not only compete in the opening statement but allow the top 20 to compete in swimsuits too. So that opening statement + swimsuit judged first before cut to Top 10. I hope they make this change in MU next yr

  6. MUPO should pick girls who are genuine, eloquent and intelligent. You can only train so much in a few months and you can’t fake being smart. Gaz is sweet but maybe Julia Subier would have been a better fit for MU

    • Oh enough already with Julia Julia………to be honest the girl just know how to speak English well…….but without her make up…………she’s meh/bleh/weeeeeh……….It’s still called a beauty pageant……………

  7. I wonder who advised Gazini to wear contact lens during the finals night..i just find it so wrong in all angles, and colored blue at that. .at kelangan talaga ng pacing, coz MU is like a marathon, dapat fresh at sariwa, kumpletu ang tulog where it matters most, the finals nite..para makapag icip ng mabuti pagdating as QnA..Hindi haggard tulad ni Gazini during her opening speech.

      • but she hasn’t won in that yet. So maybe it’s a good idea for her to cross over there, but not anytime soon. Maybe in 2021 when she’s already 25. Saktong age pa yan for Mamang Morley, and would give GAzini more time to mature. Im sure Julia Morley will not be able to let that face go

  8. Ang Ganda talaga ni Gazini, Pharaonic. Ang ganda ng jaw at cheekbones. Perfect.Sayang ang beauty niya.. I envision her to join Miss Universe the 2nd time around and win it which is perfect since it’s under new group of people.. Gaz, just take time to work in your weaknesses. Tap in to the right people. Spearhead and lead ur direction, rather than letting others to do it for you. Have more affiliations. Study more. Develop your personality. And know who u really are and u want to be. Solidify ur mission. U see, wit and eloquence comes with experience. Training is only there for fine tuning. Give it 2-3 years or more. Definitely, u are a sure win in Miss Universe. And ur win will be sweeter. 😁😇. Looking forward into seeing u as a Miss Universe.

    • Sa miss Earth siya pwede sumali baka doon mag shine ang mala dyosang kagandahan in inday gazini….

    • Pinakamaganda naman talaga si inday sa lahat ng mup natin. Given may male judge at wala si aling polen malaki chance nasa top 5 tayo
      Nanalo si ms sa naisip natin di na gaano impt if maganda. Ngunit di natin napansin maganda si Mexico or Colombia Iceland.
      For me dapat next mup is complete package pa din like ahtisa (2020) and atty patch (malamang 2021) magpapasa ng crown
      Yun mga kinulang sa Ganda mag patabas na ng kaunti. Kahit braces nyo na Lang if baba problema wag nyo gawin excuse na kulang sa Ganda Yun nanalo nagkataon din madaming moolah mag support ang South Africa just like Thai pero naalala nyo 2nd runner up ni demi di Nanalo kahit matalino pano diwata si demi

  9. Quick observation:

    1) She wore a purple evening gown while everybody else is wearing cocktail dress.

    2) Her golden phoenix gown is almost the same with the pink evening gown she wore during BBP.

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