17 comments on “So what Q&A topics will Miss Universe 2019 likely delve upon?

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  3. I hope it is about parents or grandparents or guardians or caretakers and I hope she nails it and wins !
    Next year, I hope MU2020 is held in Israel as they said they will bid again…and Gaz , as the reigning queen goes to Palestine and meets her dad in person !

    • Hindi ba may conflict ang Palestine and Israel? I don’t think MUO is willing to risk that especially if future business prospect yun.

  4. These questions are likened to be asked at Miss America where all 51 contestants would be currently in universities studying to complete their undergrad or post graduate studies.

    If anyone has watched Miss America then you know what I’m talking about. It is no longer a “beauty” pageant and contestants are no longer judged by their physical appearances and attributes, hence eliminating the swimsuit competetion, but judged on their “talent, passion and ambition.” Miss World appears to have adopted the Miss America philosophy.

    Oh well, so goes the world.

    • Personally, I do not enjoy and no longer watch the Miss America scholarly “competition” which it has solely morphed into.

  5. I am sure she would be given a hard political question just to make sure that a back2back won’t happen… could it be something related to the Trump impeachment, the war in Palestine or the fight over the West Philippine Sea?

      • My best guess is that the question would be something related to climate change worded in aaway that it requires Gazini to choose just like the question for Shamcey Sup-sup…

        I was able to guess the Marijuana related question of Catriona and US base of Pia… I have a feeling that I am right again this year….

  6. possible question : would you who has the amulet amongst your co candidates?


    • @ Yeha Napikon daw ‘yung mga Porto Ricanos. Question is, why?

      But because it was reported to the Police, we will have to quiet down and wait for THEIR statement.

      Pero kung ako lang, this is GOOD kasi it means pageantry is ALIVE, indeed.

  7. I hope she picks the baby blue (if these are here chosen gowns) for the final event…..or something more colorful gone I hope,

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