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  1. Thailand is now one of the biggest global market for pageantry business, with sheer fan size and rowdiness perhaps edging out the Philippines now. No wonder, pageant organizations go bullish on Thailand, hoping that its private sector and government will respond positively to their bids for a hosting opportunity, and corpoerate sponsorships. But in fairness, the Miss Thailand Supranational ‘s answer to the question, whether memorized or impromptu, is a splendid mirror of her compassionate character, unlike the answer of the Miss Thailand International’s full-of-herself answer which was reeking of the “me generation” attitude.

  2. Iba talaga ang galing ng Pilipino sa patimpalak. Kung wala si Ginoong RL Lacanienta na siyang nagtiyagang tagapagsanay (trainor) kay Miss Supranational 2019.

    • At si Ginoong RL Lacanienta rin ang trainor ni Miss Universe Thailand 2019. Abangan na lang natin kung ang kanyang sinanay na kalahok ay magwawagi sa patimpalak.

  3. I think Thailand will possibly sweep all the major pageants this year. Definitely the one to beat at Universe right now.

    I think our successes in pageantry have really inspired our neighbors. Thailand, Indonesia & Vietnam have really stepped their game up. The students have now become the masters.

    Anyway, this decade has been an amazing ride for Philippine pageant fans. Have we peaked already? Possibly. But we’ll always have these great memories.

    Also, are pants in National Costume a jinx? 😆

    Congratulations to Thailand for their win 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 & Indonesia for a top 5 finish.

    Indonesia also made top 5 last year so they know how to pick delegates for Supra.

  4. Wow… Thailand is on a major pageant roll. They are sizzling in 2019.

    Good for Thailand. MU is in 48 hours and MW is a week from now.
    Let us see.

  5. What is the biggest challenge your generation is facing and what can be done about it?

    “I believe that the challenge we are facing is the challenge that we are not kind enough to one another, we are constantly judging each other based on our outer appearance and we’re not taking the time to know each other on the inside and that is the quality that really counts and if we can encourage each other and inspire one another to look at those aspects of one another, the world could be a much better place and everyone would be happier.”

    Miss Supranational 2019

    • Wow! Great answer.

      Definitely deserving of a crown. Plus beauty to match.

      I think our pageant trainers have been pushing pseudo-intellectual answers on our delegates that don’t connect with judges anymore. Thailand has won both International & Supranational with heartfelt & humble answers.

      Those of you who think that Thailand hasn’t been working to improve the communication skills of its delegates, take notice. I’m sure Fahsai is ready.

  6. Tingin niyo ba may say si MSA sa mga gusto niyang manalo for Binibini? I mean can she direct the judges na lutuin ang results in her favor like Trump era? Just asking. I mean the girl’s assignment is their fate that’s just it I guess.

    • @ Dutch Courage Of course, she does. She’s the boss. And bosses can intervene. It’s their prerogative. And all they need to do is explain their decision to the Board, later. Besides, the Board never elects as Prez someone whom they think will not take the interests and welfare of the company/organization foremost in her/his choice/s.

      Let’s put it this way. SMA’s priority is MUP. However, this, as we all know, is a LOADED brand with PLENTY of ramifications and implications. And I think now she diverts her personal favorite to her own pageant, MI.

      Supranational and the others are really just fillers. And we also know that GPVL is not pleased with this. He was hoping Datul’s win would somehow elevate his brand in the eyes of Filipinos. But BPCI did nothing, and in fact ranked Angkol’s over theirs in 2017 (Clenci’s time). 🙂

  7. Miss International 2019 Thaliand
    Miss Surpanational 2019 Thailand
    Miss Universe 2019
    Miss World 2019
    Miss Intercontinental 2019

    Good job Thailand! I can’t wait to see another crown will be added to your collection this year.

  8. Miss Supranational 2019 Thailand
    First Runner-up Namibia
    Second Runner-up Indonesia
    Third Runner-up Peru
    Fourth Runner-up Venezuela

  9. Emma or Leren would have fared better in this pageant. Wrong pageant assignment by BPCI. Tsk tsk.

    • @ Ryan Leave Leren where she is, imo. Her 2nd RU position might be the best finish for the 2019 Bb’s, if Emma doesn’t deliver the goods in Egypt.

      I seriously doubt she could have resisted the likes of Namibia, Thailand, and Peru even with her pageant experience. The Head-to-Head at (The)Globe was not as savage as it was at Supranational.


  10. nganga si odette khan bella flores
    napaka suplada kasi at kontrabida all through out
    buti pa

    sila ang emerging darlings now

    Thailand is Miss Supranational

  11. Miss Supranational 2019 Top 10
    United States Of America
    Czech Republic

  12. Miss Supranational 2019 Top 25
    Dominican Republic
    Puerto Rico
    United States
    New Zealand
    Trinidad and Tobago
    Czech Republic

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