23 comments on “In photos: How the National Costume of Gazini Ganados was made before it was flown to Atlanta

  1. It’s very beautiful. It looks expensive.
    It lacks the whimsical elements that the other costumes have though.
    Philippine national costumes in MU tend to take itself too seriously ✌️

  2. This has to be one of the best national costumes worn by a PH rep to the MU pageant. And the way Gaz presented it made it even more amazing. Love it a thousand times. BRAVO 👏👏👏. Go go go ! You can do this, Gaz !👑👒👑

  3. I love the costume. The silver Philippine Eagle is like an armor. The only problem is the wings in the headdress. If only it is open or wide spread so that Gazini’s face can be seen when she looks on her sides or when she made profile shots.

  4. Best National Costume. EVER. I never thought I’d see a costume haute couture in a pageant. Bravooooooo!!!!

  5. What I love most apart from all the praises that have been said is that Gazini’s dusky, almond skin tone also stood out especially up close amidst the “silver lining”. Her face is a work of art to behold. Though this costume is not as colourful as the rest it is full of class and well-thought out. I hope we get an award.

  6. This is super amazing! Now it can be told that Mama Cary Santiago is seriously an A-list haute cautourier. Napakalinis ng pagkakagawa and may touch ng Alexander McQueen ang pagka-avant garde ng dress. I super duper love it.

    Anyway, I wrote an assessment kanina, pero nung pino-post ko na, nagloko yata ang net ko at hindi nakapasok? Nakakatamad umulit ng assessment.

    That’s all.

  7. the best NatCos was Charlene Gonzales’ hence she won

    but this is a stunner

    Laos should win NatCos MU2020

    • Ang plain naman ng costume ni Charlene even during her time… nadala lang na tayo ang host country noon.

  8. Such a far cry fr mj goldilocks cake. Buti nag reklamo mga supporters. intricate design and the way Gazini gaze like an eagle. Looking for her prey.

  9. This is indeed our best national costume at Miss Universe since I don’t know when….

    I love the inspiration and the craftsmanship…
    Congratulations to Cary Santiago and Gazini for a Job Well done!

    Next year’s designer has pretty big shoes to fill…

      • Pwede… pero type ko din yung gown ni Karen Ibasco sa ME, Kylie Versoza at MI and Megan Young at MW… pero magkaiba kasi ang mga inspirasyon nun… and this one is more costumy… sa lahat ng local Godess/Diwata costume category… Ito definitely ang pinaka-maganda!

  10. The Pithecophaga jeffreyii chicks were QYOOT. 🙂

    Now, notice that while still at the atelier, initially the beaks were yellow. Later and finally, black.

    A black-billed bird was what we saw in Atlanta. What I got was, instead, Cacatua haematuropygia. If I had not known Philippines had an eagle for an avian emblem, I would have thought it was a parrot.

    Nonetheless, it was, indeed, EYE CANDY. Thoughts of Sophida Kanchanarin’s “Albino Chang” come back to my mind.

    Sharmaine Gutierrez’s version at MW Sun City, SA can now be consigned to the Archives.

    • Honestly ang OA mo flor Tula aka Andrew..NOBODY cares about your stupid obscure references

      • @ Johnny Tangi You obviously did. You reacted. 🙂

        Who’s “tangi” now?

        So, which one are you among the equal number (5) of Rates Up and Down my comment elicited?

  11. Super like! Very intricate, pang MET Gala! Kudos to Cary Santiago.

    Love Gazini’s fighting spirit and the long gazes she did while parading.

    Two thumbs up!

  12. Love it….i would be happy if they only put one eagle…or she holds just one on her left hand…but i love the color very unique this year.

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