10 comments on “Anntonia Porsild of Thailand wins Miss Supranational 2019

  1. Chanel Olive’s roommate was Jenny Kim,

    Resha’s roommate was Antonia Porsild,

    Oh diba! May dalang suerte ang Filipinas sa mga nagiging roommate nila!

    If Thailand will win Miss World, this is like a repeat of the 2013 Philippine performance in pageantry!

    Mukhang trending ang “Year of the the First-Timer” in pageantry!

    Miss Earth – first time for Puerto Rico
    Miss International – first time for Thailand
    Miss Supranational – first time for Thailand
    Miss Grand – first time for Venezuela

    Kudos to the Filipino trainers who don’t mind sharing their talent to our neighbors!

  2. Miss Eco Teen International 2019 Top Five Finalists

    Dominican Republic

    • Her and Fahsai share the same Filipino pasarela trainer named RL from RL angels. More Filipinos should know this fact so they stop bashing Fahsai because she’s a threat to the Philippine b2b. If Fahsai wins, this Filipino trainer will be famous and will get credit for helping Fahsai win the MU crown. Everyone wins.

  3. Asia is in the house, indeed.

    Sincere congratulations, Thailand.

    Side note;
    Of the 30 “Big 4” crowns; MU, MW, MI and ME awarded thus far since 2012, Asia has won 14 crowns compared to Latin America’s 9 titles.

    Of the 14 titles won by Asian countries, 7 were won by the Philippines…😉

    Just a reminder, that’s all. ♥️

  4. Miss Thailand is a deserving winner. It also helped that Thailand is now one of the biggest global markets for pageantry business, with sheer fan size and rowdiness perhaps edging out the Philippines now. No wonder, pageant organizations go bullish on Thailand, lately keeping its fan base energized by always putting it in the winning circle, in the hope that its private sector and government will respond positively to their bids for a hosting opportunity, and corporate sponsorships.

    But in fairness, the Miss Thailand Supranational ‘s answer to the question, whether memorized or impromptu, is a remarkable mirror of her compassionate character, unlike the answer of the Miss Thailand International’s full-of-herself answer which was reeking of one of the millenials’ sub-cultures“ (the “me” mentality).

    • @ scorg PRICELESS. That’s the word to describe Hector Cermeno when it is revealed that Peru is only 3rd RU. He thinks the latter’s answer is better than Anntonia’s.

      Somewhere, he mutters (in Spanish) “pathetico”. Then he goes, in English, “Miss Supranational (organization), I am (very) disappointed”.

      But at least you get to see him shirtless. And a glimpse of his flawless complexion. 🙂

  5. Thailand has DEDICATED/STAND-ALONE Nationals for BOTH Miss and Mister Supranational Thai.

    That’s how MONEYED they are.


  6. Congrats to Thailand. Aniporn (who should’ve been at least top 5 in 2015) started their streak, much like Venus did for Ph. It’s about time Asia gets recognition as a powerhouse.

  7. Di ba BFFs sila ni Miss Philippines Supranational – RaeBae? Congrats to Thailand! Thailand is rocking this year! Congrats to the Philippines’ tweenie neighbor: Thailand! Much love from the Philippines!

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