10 comments on “The Mouawad Miss Universe Crown

  1. I don’t prefer it. It’s too busy and the canary diamond color is lost from afar. . Mikimoto is waaaaaay more elegant and refined. Too much busy “vine scrolling” on it.

  2. it looks beautiful. but nothing really ectra ordinary about it. I would choose Pia’s DIC crown over this one. Kahit nung una eh pangit na pangit tayo sa french fries crown na yon.

    Anyway let’s see how it will look like pagka suot na. iba din kasi ang dating pag nasa ulo talaga. It looks $5M to me. mukhang tadtad ng Diamonds e. I wonder if they will also do the Miss USA and Teen USA crowns.

    Sana the winners will get to have a souvenir tiara din. LOL

    Anyway.. it kinda looks like the MUP crown. the center one is a golden canary diamond. but wait.. coincidence kaya na golden canary and the statement of Gaz na may wings wings ang gown niya and said “LILIPAD AKO!” hmmm tignan natin!!! LOL

  3. The crown seems to be the reimbellishment of the MUP crown. It’s okayish and does not have a wow factor. It’s equally a forgettable version of Dayana Mendoza’s crown.

    That’s all!

  4. Gaz is coming on strong… but so is Colombia. Those two may be dejavuing 2015.

    Peak sila talaga sa Atlanta. Naturally enjoyable ang personalities nila.

  5. Not really. My reasons? Refer to @ textuality.

    I do not think this Mouawad contract will last.

    Let;s face it. Part of the MU branding, and apparently a source of money, is the crown change.

  6. How often do they (MUO) have to change the design of the crowns?

    The MW and MI crowns have pretty much remained the same and are distinctive as well symbolic representations of their brand.

  7. sana mas original ang design. di siya mukhang 5m dollar and parang bbp crown lang din

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