12 comments on “normannorman.com’s Pre-Preliminaries Top 20 for Miss Universe 2019

  1. In case maka back to back ang bansa natin, ok na iba naman ang manalo even after 5 years.

    Venezuela 2008-2009
    Philippines 2018-2019

  2. I have 10 choices in common with the blogger:
    Puerto Rico

  3. andami nyong haka haka mga bakla

    ang mata ng pageant world ay nasa Thailand

    wala na kayo magagawa panahon na nila

    Felefens is the next India

  4. Like Norman’s picks.

    The Asian-bloc of Philippines, India, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia are definitely to be reckon with.

    The Latinas are again well represented. I like Panama and Chile simply because, in my biased opinion, it would be refreshing to have a Latina win without looking 100% white-European. Racism is rarely addressed in Latin America but is blatantly evident throughout the region.

    Without the “continental divide” determining the semifinalists I am curious of how many European beauties make the top 20 cut.

    Equally intriguing is how many black/mulata beauties will make the cut being the city of Atlanta being the host of MU this year.

    That said, all the best Gazini! You are MUP 2019… your haters are “not.”

  5. 1. Brasil
    2. Colombia
    3. Francia
    4. Tailandia
    5. Púerto Rico
    6. Chile
    7. Albania
    8. Indonesia
    9. Sudáfrica
    10. Filipínás
    11. India
    12. Vietnam
    13. Mexíco
    14. Kenia
    15. Bangladesh
    16. EE.UU.
    17. Croacia
    18. Suecia
    19. Gran Bretaña
    20. Irlanda

  6. Philippines, Colombia and Brazil are the only ones I can confidently predict that will make it through the top 20. The others, I don’t know.

  7. It’s hard to make prediction lists these days because unless you research every delegate in depth you won’t know who has the personal accomplishments and journeys MUO rewards these days. Sometimes these considerations aren’t even made known until the telecast.

    That being said, the following ladies have stood out this whirlwind of a week for being 1) engaging 2) articulate 3) camera ready 4) titleholder material and, of course: 5) BEAUTIFUL


    Very 2015 indeed…

    There are other frontrunners, but some of them come off too immature or too pageant patty. IMG has been rewarding empowered women of late, not pacute divas.

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