15 comments on “Gazini Ganados during the Press Junket of Miss Universe 2019

  1. Mga Vacklah, Ang gusto ng IMG ay c Thailand Ang manalo Fero depende na ka Fasay City kung kaya nyang talunin ang galing ng mga kalavan gaya ni Gazini cherette 😊
    The judges wants MU from the Americas or biracial with Black or Latina blood😊
    Now, I have the feeling that Gazini can reach Top 3 because she improve a lot or win as MU2019 if she’s lucky during the final competition 😆
    Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all readers 🎄⛄🎉🛡️

  2. Thailand na po ang panalo

    sya ang pre determined tulad ni Cat last year

    pana panahon lang yan

    Thanks Gazini

  3. Ha ha ha ha mga baklang kanal na lang aasa na may higher placement itong si trannygurl. Ateng, iniinterview ka, tingnan mo sa mata interviewer mo! Engage! La na nga sense at lalim mga sinasabi mo, at least convince your interviewer na me depth sinasabi mo ha hah hah hah

    • @ Jasmine The STRENGTH to look into the eyes of the people you address is possible only if you know what you are talking about. Her inability to make eye contact suggests hesitation.

      But it is all said and done, now.

      But to say she looks like a transgender woman is too much, imo. The make-up and styling may have been a bit overboard occasionally, but at all times she was fully feminine and polite. 🙂

    • Move on na. Sasali naman uli idol atty mo sa mup in near future. No need to put fellow pinay down

    • @Jasmine i think it is not appropriate to judge Ms Thailand as ” Trannygirl” she never done anything wrong to the filipinos, infact last year they are all in full support to Catriona and evem up to this day they re happy with gazini.

      Now if she wins the crown i think she deserve it after all she is beautiful inside and out, lets be happy to our fellow asian neighboring country.

      If gazini will place in the semis then let us rejoice and thankful, kasi nakapasok sya despite of her lack of comm skills ability

  4. My New TOP 20



    South Africa

    Puerto Rico

  5. Parang ang haba ng araw na ito para sa mga kandidata… press junket, crown reveal, prelim interviews, rehearsals.

    Kawawa naman sila. Pero glowing pa.

    • @ justgrc Imagine a candidate who felt that she did not do well at her Interview. She is expected to brush off her sadness and anxiety and still look BRIGHT at all the other events. THAT candidate.

      Gazini is actually lucky she draws Press. Less popular girls could only wish.

      But who knows. Perhaps among the wallflowers, the silent killer is actually lurking. 🙂

  6. I love the design of her dress… Not a fan of the color though… it would have looked better in bright yellow or golden yellow instead of yellow ochre… Anyway, she is hyping her national costume again saying it looks good… I am happy it’s not a sinulog inspired costume… but I still better not be disapointed!

    • whatever her natcos is, she has no obligation to please you and please know that your self centered comments does not matter

      • @Jonas Reyes

        Yes! My opinions seem self-centered to people who has no idea about the deep history and culture of our people…. You are obviously one of those people oozing with ignorance. 🙂

    • Mexico Peru and Thailand are super gorg
      Mexico is going to be a force on Sunday

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