15 comments on “Gazini Ganados during the Preliminary Closed-door Interview of Miss Universe 2019

  1. I think she is fabulous no matter what she wears. Remember, she is here in front of the judges who are trying to look deeper behind the outside beautiful face & body… they are looking for substance & character. All these ladies are beautiful that is why they are there. In America we admire women who are both “beautiful inside out”, someone who is not fake & plastic.
    I admire Gazini’s confidence though as shown in her body language, it looks like she captured the judges’ attention & interest ( especially Vega’s posturing forward). I heard she was called for a 2nd interview, I think that is a positive thing….,In the US when a job calls you for a 2nd interview that means they are seriously considering you for a position. Irregardless, win or lose …. she is still a winner. Keep going Gazini!… God has a plan for you ahead…. Just pray & be true to yourself.

  2. Hoy mga baklang kanal na overthinkers! Kahit sobrang ganda pa ng suot niya kung waley at walang depth naman mga sagot niya, ligwak pa rin yan! Di kayang isalba ng paaccent accent kung wala ka talagang sense sumagot! Jusko mga baklang keyboard analysts nato

  3. The way Paulina is leaning towards her seem like she is liking Gazini.. they do have a lot of things in common… Growing up in a small beach town & being close to their Grandparents… Sazan Hendrix may also favor her due to their middle-Eastern connection. Gazini’s Asian-Latina-Middle-Eastern features would hopefuly be ideal for the Afro-American judges.

  4. The bottom is just way too overwhelming. Perhaps, a straight skinny cut would have been a perfect match….and less puffier sleeves???

    • I actuay like her outfit… conservative yet modern while showing just the right amount of skin.
      The one you are discribing looks boring and uninspired… Pormahan lang ng teacher ko nung highschool. Sorry.

      • Agreed.

        Besides, some of our beloved MUPs of this decade had some fugly cheap interview outfits and still went on to make waves.

        Remember Pia’s maroon polyester-Cumbiaesque number and Venusha’s silver sequins fringe a-la-Cumbiaville creation?

        Both ladies put us on the map in their own ways.

        Guaranteed she stood out as being the only Filipina in a sea of 90+ beauty queens.

      • @justgrc

        Ok… I do wish her pants are trimmed an inch to make it look tapered.

      • @closer2 whatever your screenname is….this entire get up made her look matronly. There’s no modern on this look. I do like her, but not with this mess. Color combo is good but the style of this outfit is definitely aged her.

  5. Panay kayo kuda ang dami ninyong alam, sa inyo pangit ang suot niya pero hindi kayo ang judges kaya huwag kayong mag marunong kung hindi kayo satisfied huwag kayong mag abang ng ganap mga bakla instead mag saing na kayo at gutom na mga amo ninyo!

  6. Support lang mga teh. Wag overthinking lahat.

    Gazini left all that duda sa Pinas kaya blooming siya Jail Cell, I mean Atlanta Marriott.

    Hindi pwede ma deny ang peak niya.

    Chill and enjoy the journey na lang.

  7. I think a simple ponytail would’ve served her better. The outfit’s ultra voluminous, and with her limbs completely swallowed by fabric she needed to show a hint of skin. That hair covered up the rest.

    I hope she wowed them enough to get noticed for the right reasons.

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