4 comments on “Cary Santiago on his creations for Gazini Ganados

  1. I just hope the detail on the bird costume is not so intricate that it ends up TINY and hence impossible to properly appreciate if not scrutinized up close. After all, this is still a SHOW for a live audience in a large staging area. And if there is a crest-hradpiece, I hope it does not obscure Gazini’s face. 🙂

    Mr. Santiago, you are accurate when you imply that only people who can actually afford haute couture have the right to critique.

    However, bear in mind that without the MANY who can only aspire to it, no amount of finery and taste on the part of that elite cluster of perfumed armpits will amount to anything. For it’s a DREAM. And there’s no fun keeping a beautiful one entirely to yourself, have absolutely no one to share it with, because half the delicious comfort is telling others about the experience only you will ever have.

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