3 comments on “All the best, Resham Saeed!

  1. RaeBae eh sinaniban nila Odetta Khan and Bella Flores

    top 25 is a good finish

    u do ur own thing after this

    all the best

    Thailand could win MSupra

  2. It looks like Resham is gonna need a lot of luck to do well at the pageant . The organization is anti -Philippines and there is Mr. Supra from India who is obviously very anti-Philippines as well

  3. When it comes to wasting super beauties, this pageant is no exception. I recall when Mr. Tinio predicted that Turkey would place. And WOW, she, indeed, looked like an Amazon good enough for SI. And that year Srinidi Shetty won? Venezuela was visibly shocked by her 1st RU finish.

    Reviewing the 2018 videos now, I can say Jehza was STUNNING. Her Top 10 finish was justified. My favorite (since 2016 when she competed with Kylie at MI, then 2017 with Laura at MW) Polski princess, Magdalena Bienkowscka, was 2nd RU. And the SEXY Mary Jayne Dimaranan was 1st RU, and represented USA.

    We all know the new queen will sash the new king the very next evening. I anticipate Polish-American nurse Nate Crnkovich to continue the dominance of the Americas in the Mister pageant. And frankly, I can imagine Rae Bae donning that sash on him. 🙂

    The Peruvian super-beauty will get at least a Top 10 finish. Like Telma Madeira at Earth 2018.

    The REAL threat is Antonnia Porsild. Supranational organization NEEDS Thailand\s approval; the aborted MW hosting and MUO’s unsettled obligations to TPN (?) leaves a clear opening for GPVL to establish a beachhead in that now quite vigorous pageant market.

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