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  1. @Casper

    How interesting! They did not even have anything written about Cara Mund as being a former Miss America. She sounds like a brainiac.

    What is next? Megan Young and Kylie Verzosa sitting in as MU judges soon? 🤔

  2. Cara Mund, former Miss America? Didn’t she back stab her own organization? Oh, maybe that’s why they picked her as a judge, lol.

  3. The next Miss Universe will be from Africa or someone with mixed black heritage like Haiti.

  4. It will be US vs PR vs Albania
    Other contenders: Colombia Mexico Thailand Peru ——>
    SA is lacking in the face dept
    Ireland and Iceland maybe too thick
    Philippines And Vietnam May make it
    India too puny
    Bangladesh is pretty but maybe not well- trained
    Canada and Vene … too early to count them out
    El Salvador very pretty too

    • @ Fabian Reyes I’ll take USA, in that case. 🙂

      I said before that WME/IMG might not be interested in semi-American white chicks like Cindy and Maddison. Particularly the latter, who bears animosity towards those who question her right to represent PR.

      I also said Chesli I find “not pretty (enough)”. But I have to admit, USA has not won in a while, the MUSA brand needs a shot of adrenaline, and few abroad would probably dare challenge her cred.

  5. Candidates who can read the room will have an advantage. Those judges are all alpha women, they’ll sour on anyone attempting to show them off, yet they’ll sense when somebody’s faking humility. Tough situation for hyper-driven girls who don’t have the skills nor desire in toning it down.

    • I agree. They’ll also quickly sour on candidates who perpetuate the dumb bimbo beauty queen stereotype like some of the frontrunners. Compared with your typical male pageant fan, women judges might have a different set of criteria, even a different take on how they perceive feminine beauty. We’ll see many fan favorites get left behind when the dust settles and the top 20 are announced.

  6. What? No nordic looking European with blonde hair and green/blue eyes from Scandinavia as judge? 😉

    Times have changed that is for sure!
    ✌deuces y’all!

  7. A Venezuelan
    a US immigrant from Ghana
    a mid-western white American
    a Kurdish-American
    an African-American from Texas
    and a Colombian

    Seems like an American/African/Mullata/Latina has the greatest chance of winning this year… Miss Universe 2016 1st RUp from Haiti, Raquel Pelissier’s recent Youtube video posts may hold a clue…

    My New TOP 20




    South Africa
    Puerto Rico

    • @closer but not USA. Even her fellow Americans are saying she lacks facial beauty.

      • It can’t be Ireland… even though she’s half African-American, Europe just won a couple of years ago through France… I bet it is a surprise win from the Americas…. Brazil is ok but she’s too white & not mullata, I expect 2 girls w/ African ancestry in the Top 5 and a colored girl from the Americas would win…. Could it be Chile? Or the prettiest girl w/ some African ancestry from the Carebean… could it be Haiti?

      • @closer

        An Asian will win. The one that can bring contracts. It will be bet tuktuk, ph, indo
        Dinaig pa mgi sa pay per view, voting. Therefore we conclude they need _____

      • Brazil then is the top contender
        The 2nd most beauty obcessed
        The bikini Capital of the world…
        Best place to promote all the sponsors of MU
        And Brazilian Oligarchs can afford to host..

  8. Hala sino si Cara Mund… Ang portfolio nya is what? honors student? hihihih

    Ohhh Miss America pala kaya hindi nilagay ang title….hihihihih

  9. Sabi ni Poleng,

    “Kayong mga Pinoy, pagkatapos niyong laitin si Ariadna noong 2015, humanda kayo saken ngayon!”

  10. Las colombianas son vasos de igualdad y equidad entre las razas. Paulina será un juez justo, pero Gabi es un contendiente silencioso pero muy fuerte que impresionará a todos en las preliminares y en la noche final. Buena suerte Filipinas!

  11. JG is not Osmel Souza of the Far East. JG is JG of the universe, period!!!

  12. Wala na finish na kapag ganyan ang set nang judges malamang itim or latina ang pinipili mga yan…

  13. I think in order for gazini to Articulate herself well, in my own opinion she really need an Interpreter, she may want to express in ” bisaya” so that she can elaborate more, rather than speaking in english on which on which she need to organize 1st hrr thoughts

    And it will also showcase her native dialect bisaya, and i think there is nothing wrong with that… It will not lessen her personality but instead baka lahat hangaan pa sya.

    • @ Ivy Hill Knowing that Filipinos are good in English generally, the judges might find this facetious.

      Besides, Gazini has already practiced in English. Why make a drastic change so close to the end?

      And if she wins, she will have to speak English, anyway, as she fulfills her duties. 🙂

    • “tama” imbes na dinadaan nya sa pag tra trying hard nyang pa twang ng english para mag mukhang syang magaling mag english na wala naman laman, baka sa pagamit nya ng interpreter eh lumabas talaga yung tinatagong nyang talino.

      Walang masama kung mag bi bisaya sya kung dun sya mas comfortable at she can give justice to her opinion and answer.

      With the all women panel of judges, the weight of intelligence will be more measurable than physical attributes. They will gauge and assess the contestants base on their capabilities on how to handle under pressure

  14. Judges should have been all gay men.
    Gay men are the biggest fans of pageants after all.
    These women will not crown someone who is drop dead gorgeous knowing the “animosity” that naturally exists among women 😉

  15. These women have very high standards of beauty. I am sensing a black woman will win this year.
    Kenya, USA, Ireland, Haiti, Jamaica or DR.

    world peace 🙂

    • Face-wise… Haiti is the prettiest…
      And she’s an Afro-Latina from the Americas who speaks English, Spanish & French…
      Could she be the one?

    • Miss Haiti Universe 2019, Gabriela Vallejo was born in the Dominican Republic from a Dominican mother and a Haitian-Congolese father and raised at Haiti where she was taught how to speak French and Creole before she and her family moved to Canada when she was a teenager. Gabriela currently finished her final year of University studying International Development and Civil Law at the University of Ottawa. Along with her education, she works for the Federal Government at the Innovation Intellectual Canadian Property.

      Dominican-Haitian-Congolese-Canadian model w/ a civil law degree and works in the federal government of Canada… Now that sounds like the recipe of a winner based on the chosen judges….

  16. Datina and Black judge. Wala na. Goodbye Gazini for MU. Hello to Miss Singapore, the nee Miss Universe 2019.

    • @ Heya If it is Mohana’s, it will all fall into place for her.

      At least, Gazini was the lucky charm. And the SG ND is the Osmel Souza of the Far East, a Pinoy!

      We all know who he is. Very glamorous individual…. 😉

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