7 comments on “The Positively-Minded Gazini Ganados

  1. Is it just me? But I’m not feeling Ms Universe this year. I’d rather follow the games at SEA Games.

  2. Top 3: Philippines, Ireland, Albania ( Anyone of these three , I will be ecstatic ! )

    Top 5: Puerto Rico, USA

    Top 10: France, Colombia, Slovakia, Brazil, Spain

    Top 19: India, Indonesia, Barbados, Chile, Peru, Vietnam, South Africa, Netherlands, Croatia

    Fan Vote: Thailand

    Dark Horse: Singapore

    • @ jaretwrightlover Ireland will be the BEST among your Top 3 to revive domestic (USA homeland) credibility and interest in what is TRULY THE BRAND THAT MATTERS – MUSA!

      MU is really, when you think about it, just the icing to the MUSA cake (and perhaps the MTUSA pie?).

      For WME/IMG to stay put where it is, it needs to get business WITHIN America.

      The day MUO becomes owned by a foreigner, that will be the end of MU as we know it – the All-American Feel-Good Free-Spirited international celebration and congregation of empowered women.

      Which begs the argument : if MUO can sell their domestic pageant abroad, what is to prevent MUP/BPCI from entertaining foreign bookings for our own queens? Make your brand GLOBAL.Stop thinking insular. Huwag choosy! Datung is datung. 🙂

      • @Flor Tula i agree with you Ireland but i think Croatia as well, will fit in to the top 3

        Croatia is well spoken and good bio.

    • Croatia? I put a question mark on her ; I can name at least 5 others who can easily bump her out … like Denmark, Canada, Mexico, Kenya, Bangladesh

      • @ jaretwrightlover It will depend on whom the American audience likes.

        Just like at MI, MUO has spies to closely monitor the candidates as they engage the locals.

        I, personally, think Bangladesh could make a most stunning come-from-behind-and-nowhere. 🙂

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