10 comments on “Michelle Dee in the Miss World 2019 Head-to-Head Challenge

  1. Well said Miss Philippines. Your message truly reflects your heart that you want to help and desire to uplift the living condition of autistic community. I hope Julia have a compassion to consider your platform. Good luck on your quest for the crown.

  2. Napakalmado ni Michelle. She speaks from her heart. She’s doing really well. All the best in bringing back the blue crown to the Philippines!

  3. I-DM nyo n lng si manang Hulya nang malaman nyo mnanalo…nkakaawa mga girls sa mga kaek ekan n fast track chorva alam nmn natin walang bearing kasi nga COOKING SHOW ito! #NOTOMESSWORLD #NEVERAGAIN

  4. Love her explaining her charitable platform of autism.
    It is sincere and personal not conjured up.
    Impressive. I have good vibes she will do well.

  5. I love it.. the most solution oriented advocacy I have ever heard even if I compare it w/ our past winners from all international pageants… I knew I could count on you Michele. Education is indeed the key but yours is more specific in helping the marginalized…. I have high hopes that you will at least make the TOP 5… and possibly even win! This really makes me happy.. so genuine… So desserving to win… Whataever happens… I know you will make us proud! Goodluck Michele, we’ll pray for you!

  6. Listening to Michelle Dee explain her charitable platform is impressive.
    It is very personal for her.
    Really good vibes!

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