3 comments on “It’s raining Catriona Gray by Fadil Berisha nowadays

  1. sa dinami dami ng magagandang photos niya.. tinago talaga the whole reign niya? I mean.. mas maganda pa to sa mga nirelease na photos niya ha. lalo na yung close up niya wearing yellow dress. ugh

    • @ MrManila It’s a marketing ploy to ensure sustained interest well after her reign ends. 🙂

      It’s the BUZZ whenever we hear words like “RARE, ARCHIVAL, DECLASSIFIED…”.

      As for myself, I would like MC Gray to collaborate with GLOC9, to truly unleash her MUSIC.

  2. makapag comment nga dito
    nilalangaw na kasi pag si Catriona
    bilis naman malaos

    sana mas magbloom ka pa queen cat
    all the best

    job well done

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