5 comments on “Gazini’s support teams for MU2019 are now complete!

  1. KF is having a FULL month, with THREE (3) bets to monitor, namely Gazini, Resham, and Emma.

    They have a chance to add a Supranational crown to their War Room; hopefully, RaeBae isn’t feeling as if she has been forgotten.

    Antonnia Porsild and Chanchai Rungpaisit look CUTE together. Honestly, I think Thailand will get it. Peru will be a Runner-up at best.

    Like I said before, Intercontinental is too small a tilt to offer stiff resistance to a back-to-back.

    Emma, CLAIM IT. Seal the deal. 🙂

    • Since her mom is a Boholana, many members of the Ganados clan from the town of Loon but who are now permanent residents of the US will also be going to Atlanta to give full support and boost her confidence.

  2. It’s nice to see Tito Rodgil getting to taste the Miss Universe experience. He’s done an amazing job with Gazini and down to it all he is a fan just like all of us.

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