13 comments on “Gazini Ganados on The Bottomline with Boy Abunda

  1. i like what im seeing …she has transformed her mind is focused on winning. her calm demeanor makes her a standout. shes not as articulate as pia or catriona but she is now more enganging and you can never deny that face…it screams a winner.

  2. I used to be very vocal/critical of her comm skills lacking depth of answers and the convincing power/effect every time she’s being interviewed. But.. i guess i have to applaud her for improving a lot! I have been watching her interviews lately and some videos of her interacting with the press and fans in Atlanta.. And I must say na kampante akong hindi naman tayo mapapahiya sakanya. Is she a back-to-back win contender? Yes and no. but nasa tadhana na un kung sakanya talaga mapupunta.

    Pero hindi ko mapigilan or mapagkakaila. I am feeling / seeing / hearing a part of Pia whenever she speaks. that’s a positive one ha.

    Now it will all boil down to her prelim performances. excited to see her Cary gowns and Natcos.

    Sp far all of her ootds are on point. no meh moment yet. I LOVE IT.

    • Im not worried about her Prelim and Final performance… it’s already a given that she would slay them all in that part of the competition… What I am worried about is when she is given a political question.. Because if she does reach the TOP 5, without a doubt she would be given a question related to politics, economics or religion…. The kind of question is already set on stone to make sure that there wouldn’t be a back2back… only thing unknown is would she be able to tackle it with the most diplomatic and substancial way possible?

      • or like. in between. walang kinikilingan. more on pro-choice answer. but.. based on some of her answer.. she’s really saying her personal view/point. which i think medyo risky than having a more safer answer. feeling ko lang naman ha.

  3. Still not as impressive as Cat or Cheslie but at least she improved. Malaki ang naitulong ni Tito Boy.
    Pero mas curious ako kung pano sumagot sina Miss Kenya at India kudaera ang ma yun eh.

    World peace 🙂

  4. so genuine and real… Go Go Go GAZZINI👌👌👌👌

  5. GG expresses herself well! To critique too much will not help her bring out her true feelings; let her be herself and she will do really well. Fierce and beautiful! Good Luck .. praying for a back to back victory!!!!

  6. The pressure on her is immense, I hope she’s able to let go of expectations and love, love, love every moment of this experience.

  7. My gosh! Pinagtabi sina Clint Karklins at George Reylor de Lumen. Clue : who actually won his pageant? 🙂

    Blogger, please relay to Koya Gio, then to Gazini – ONE WAY TO DEFINE SOMETHING IS TO SAY WHAT IT IS NOT.

    Example : Beauty is neither convention nor obligation. It is simply a way of being. – Gabrielle Chanel.

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    South Africa
    Puerto Rico



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