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  1. Jusko ang mga baklang kanal, dami na naman overthinking at kuda! Palubog na MU! Nobody cares anymore except siyempre sa mga faneys na hanggang keyboard na lang ang kuda

  2. I totally dislike that runway coach lu and you can bet that she is not a fan of Gaz … I am surprised that they hired her again , seems like she and harvey come as a package …

  3. Saka napansin nyo ba ang communication skills ni Gazini, ilang araw pa lang sa states pero umaawrang Catriona accent na na ang hitad!

    Meanwhile, namimilipit na sa inggit ang mga umaalipusta sa comm skills ni indzay! Sige inom muna kayo ng tubig na may halong semento habang nag iisip kayo ng bagong ipipintas kay Godzilla Gazini!!!

    In the spirit of Christmas, welcome pa rin kau sa victory parade B2B!

  4. The great British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was insulted one evening when a pious lady ruthlessly and negatively criticized him being drunk at a social function.

    He comically and classically replied “My dear you are ugly, but tomorrow I shall be sober and you will still be ugly.” 😀

    Gazini, look at yourself as Winston Churchill and your haters as the lady.

    That said, relax and enjoy for on the morning after the pageant, you will still and always be a beautiful MUP no matter what happens and the haters will still be uglier than sin. lol

    Go with what you know Gazini. ♥️

  5. Chill lang si Ateh, iba talaga yung awra niya. Confidently Beautiful kaseh.

    B2b ano? She’s having the time of her life and is a winner already.

  6. Isa ka ring gaga kaya din di umunlad ang bansang pinas dahil sa utak mong talangka, bat nasali si sen. drillon sa usapan di naman kasali sa paksa. gunggong haha

  7. Thoughts on the Mouawad guy posting on IG about Fahsai? Some are comparing it to Sherri HIll getting Cat as a model or Farouk cheering her on from the sidelines.

    • Kaka-praning, but there are judges. If a delegate provides better answer than Pasay City, we won’t expect her to walk away with the crown. Since IMG came in to the picture, MUO gives fairest result.

      I have this gut feel that Pasay City won’t win.

      That’s all.

  8. I think we have to be grateful and take pride that PH has been producing and sending delegates to MU who always have something to offer different from their predecessors. Every delegate from Venus to Gazini is always different even from the physical features alone.. for me that makes PH a country to watch out for esp in the MU edition. It makes people get excited to know the unique qualities of the girl we are sending. Who can forget Janine the chinita with strong photos and presence who could have snatched that crown from Olivia, or that smile of Shamcey wherein everytime the camera pans your eyes get hooked with that smile, and the humility she showed making you love her more, or the killer walk and glowing skin Ariela on the winter in Moscow. Do I need to mention Pia’s and Cat’s? So, I think Gazini will light the stage with her own vibrance.. I will pray that nerves will not come to her and may she just embrace and enjoy every second of that moment on stage, to remember to pause and breathe and continue to show a smile that comes from the heart (without hesitation). That genuine attitude is what will make her standout even more.

  9. Mga bakla kung di kayo confident kay Gazini at di ninyo kayang suportahan huwag na lang ninyong e bash kakahiya kayo sariling kandidata nilalait ninyo, buti pa ibang bansa kahit alam nila na walang laban kandidata nila they still show full support. Anyway, kung yun talaga ang ugali ninyo na manglait ng tao it only shows your true character bilang tao, kaya di na umasenso bansa natin dahil sa katulad ninyong may crab mentality ang attitude, sabagay katulad ni senator Drillon magkakamukha lang kayo! Peace!

    • Isa ka ring gaga kaya di umunlad ag bansang pinas dahil sa utak mong talangka. Bakit nasali sa ang name ni sen. drillon sa usapan di naman kasali sa paksa . gungung haha

    • No need to bring Sen Drilon. Nasa elem pa Lang ako respected senator na ho sya

      • One of the most corrupt senators of our country.
        We should definitely be proud!

  10. I concur that Gazini is a natural charmer. She is standout and a big threat to equally gorgeous frontrunners. Despite the fact that Latin pages and IGs ignore or outcast Gaz’s beauty, she is undeniably inclusive, unstoppable, and winning. Good luck, Gaz!

    My favorite in the Miss Universe are:

    Slovak Republic
    Puerto Rico

    Beauty champions diversity.

    That’s all.

    • I believe that the Latin pages and their IGs including their predictions want a Latina to win. To each his own and I respect that. It is not my source of worry for as long as Gazini outshines everyone (and she continues to do so as the final contest draws near), she will get that crown.

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