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  1. Black winner this year! The blackest girl will win . MU will pick a girl from Africa if not Ms USA as MU . Crayola si Gaz and Pasay !

    • They will pick a country that has the biggest pageant fanatics (Thai, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Colombia/Peru (looks pretty)………Philippines will be a finalist but a b2b is unlikely.

      • Don’t forget Brazil… who has one of the most organized local pageant circuit in the world… Only reason why they rarely win MU is because their reps are rarely fluent in English….. But this Year Julia Horta is a polyglot who is fluent in 3 languages including English and their extreme right president and the burning of the amazon adds to her chances.

  2. 20-10-5-3-1 is a duplicate of last year. However, the major change is dropping the continental groupings and reinstating a wildcard/on-line voting semifinalist.

    I like it and hope this format stays the same from here on out.

    20-6-3-1 appears too drastic of a cut from the semifinalists to the finalists. However, all 20 ladies would be able to participate in both the swimsuit AND evening gown competitions which is the only positive aspect I could think of.

    Continue to enjoy and create memories Gazini.
    Nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  3. This is like 2017 all over again. Rushed production, they are monetizing the prelims and nat cos. Money must be tight with lesser known sponsors.

    MUO needs to hire someone who has good Brand and marketing skills to re-brand and remarket the MU, MUSA and MTUSA pageants. Otherwise, I can see them going being gone for good in the next 5-10 years.

  4. I thought Brazil was a contender but she doesn’t look as fresh as she did when she won in her national pageant.
    No clear front runners this year.
    Boring batch. Boring year for pageantry.

    • Kapatid kung over hype lang nmn ang basehan mo sa El Tocuyo award eh di isama mo na c PH, Thai, USA at SA. Kaloka ka.

      World peace 🙂

      • pano naman naging hype si godzini eh palaban ang ate mo sa marriot hotel. i check mo nga ang IG ng mga candidates

    • Wag nlng kaya mag compete sa ms universe. Lagi pinas nalang ang magaling at deserve manalo hahahha

      • @Anonymous do not stoop down nor patulan ang mga walang kwentang alam mo ng “Moron”

        Di mo na need nasabihin n bobo alam na ng lahat yan nakaka umay na nga eh…gusto lang nyang magpapansin.

    • dami nyo pa pagexplain sa suot nyo

      ibang kandidata wala naman mga ganyan

      natcos lang sila nag explain

      wala naman paki ibang lahi

      be global

    • LOL….true true true….Even her country she will not wear such outfit. How many commoners (pinoys) would wear their traditional attire in the Philippines? Do you see one in Manila??? Her wearing such red cape (top) is strictly for a show.

      • who says it should be worn everyday? you miss the point of the competition and the opportunities that come with it. in our quest to be global (refer to the other mindless comment), we end up forgetting who we are as a nation. *sorry sa iba, nakipatol lang hehe.

    • yung mukha mo anfa dapat mong iglobal nang mahusgahan ka ! for sure nagbeblend mukha mo sa kanegahan mo. Di kp kumbolsyonin !

    • yung mukha mo anfa dapat mong iglobal nang mahusgahan ka ! for sure nagbeblend mukha mo sa kanegahan mo. Di kp kumbolsyonin !

  5. Whatever will be the new format of the competition. No worry for Miss Philippines, she will going to deliver her introduction speech in extemporaneous. She spend countless hours in reading all kind of books, newspapers, and magazines, just to prepare herself for all kinds of questions at the pageant and I heard she is very fluent in English now. Keep the fighting spirit alive!

    • @ kembular2020 Just to put things in perspective, it has begun to snow in Poland. Everybody is also indoors, now. Rehearsals are in full swing. It’s not the same as before – pageants used to be held during the Northern Summer (May), and contestants frolicked either in the beach or at the pool.

  6. ayon sa prediction ang mananalo eh mula sa land of magic and mysticism and that is India

    yung mga may Indian heritage mananalo

    Mis Singapore nga ang mananalo

  7. Top 3

    Top 5
    Puerto Rico

    Top 10
    South Africa

    Sierra Leone

    • @ Closer2Fame I would put Philippines no higher than Top 10, and replace Puerto Rico and Vietnam with Sierra Leone and Bangladesh, respectively. Indonesia will take over from Philippines at the latter’s former ranking. Frederika Cull seems to be a mouthful just waiting to be unleashed.

      And Yayasan Puteri Indonesia has kept the faith long enough; it is time for them to be rewarded.

      And I would like to have another African alternative to South Africa. MAJOR-MAJOR SHAKE UP.

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