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  1. palubog na ang MUO
    may bayad ang back to back na prelim and natcos

    kapagod para sa mga kandidata
    back to back pa

    kandakuba sa nat cos
    tas paparada sa evening gown and swimsuit

    tapos nakakulong sa hotel
    walang ganap
    kahit magpunta man sa ibang lugar
    mga disabled pa pupunta sa kanila sa hotel

    nakakulong talaga sila

  2. Atlanta’s contributing to buzzkill this year. Even with previous last-minute hosting in Vegas the candidates had plenty of selfie backgrounds and location opps just steps outside the hotel

    I’ve already seen every carpet and hallways at the Marquis and it’s only Day 5! I can only imagine how bored the candidates are.

  3. Walang masyadong ingay ang MU this year. They only have limited activities revolving rehearsals and presentations, then the Big Night. The attention of the Americans is on Trump’s impeachment hearing. Fox, the TV station that will broadcast Miss Universe live on December 8, garners higher rating whenever they deliver news about, or simulcast, Trump’s impeachment hearing. That is obviously because Fox is pro-Trump while CNN is anti-Trump. Yes, even media in USA exercise partisan politics. BTW, I hope the December 8 MU will get good ratings on TV as well. Why? Because the pageant appears to be a breather to Americans.

    Notwithstanding the not-much-talked-about MU happenings, Miss Thailand’s Paweensuda is non-stoppable in storming socmeds. It looks like her socmed admin is hardly committed to update Fahsai’s fans about her hour-by-hour moves in the pageant albeit unfiltered unflattering photos. Most of her photos are nakaka-umaymami savor. Sabi pa nga ng ibang comments, ‘yung datingan daw ni Pasay City is feeling assured na mananalo. Not being sound bitter, pero mukha talaga s’yang Avatar. The prominent distance of her eyes is the culprit. Nevertheless, her whole personality tells she can advance to the finals. She has good lean and long body proportions. She’s got the Cat vibes sometimes, brought by her hair and make-up and the style na plakadong Cat. And of course, her dress! I always expect a fab couture dress from a Miss Thailand during the evening gown portion.

    Beauty wise, I find these girls the faces of Vogue, namely: Albania, Mexico, and India. I hope they’ve got good training prior to embarking the week-long pageant, and I won’t have violent reactions in case they consequently become the three women left standing on the final’s night. Our Gazini can stand beside these superbeauty because of her queenly bearing and total aura. May laban si Gaz, especially that she’s got good training at magaganda ang mga inilalabas na photos ng kanyang socmed admin. She’s the typical representative na may puma-follow ng kanyang daily pasabog. Back-to-back is not far-fetched, indeed.

    What about the superhyped Braziw? She has been the favorite of some leaderboards together with Fahsai, pero I find her beauty pang-televenovela. Her Senyora Santibañez hairdo does not flatter her, and her face looks ordinary. Pero she’s got a vava voom body.

    If IMG indeed campaigns for a genuine diversity, crowning a black beauty is overdue. At this juncture, I find Kenya leading the coffee-skinned pack. She is gorgeous at ang ganda ng vibe n’ya, that is unless Miss USA gives an A-list performance on the 8th.

    Kahit tahimik ang MU, the excitement builds up to the fans like me. So far, that is my initial assessment sa first three days ng MU. I’ll give my assessment after the preliminary. What about you?

    That’s all.

    • @ kembular2020 Si Angkol nga nu’ng 2016 sa hotel sa Nevada lang, hindi lumubog. 🙂

      Given the on-going impeachment trial, this is a GREAT time to re-visit that now-notorious Q&A.

      And Jazz, I hope this will be the last time you wear a short skirt. UMAY na, gurl, GRABEH.

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