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  1. I think MU needs a complete overhaul if they want to modernize the franchise and make it relevant outside of pageant circles. They should crown three ambassadors, a Universe Prime, Universe Human Rights, and Universe Environment. Prime can adopt any cause, but all three are deployed across the globe championing their respective titles. The org needs something, anything, seismic to breathe more life to MU.

  2. dahil palubog na sila

    cheap venue
    walang ganap
    10 days lang

    MU is USA para nga naman tipid na sila
    wala na additional palamunin sa new york

    • Wala ng nasabing maganda yang bunganga mong bulok!
      Bitter ka masyado bakla! Saan ka ba galing at parang may nakain kang di kanaisnais! Hahaha

    • If ever that happens, the 1RU of Miss USA will assume her title. Therefore, they will still add another mouth to feed. 🤭

    • pati Miss Teen USA gawin na nila Miss USA

      para dalawa pa rin palalamunin silang dalawa pa rin

      palubog naman na sila
      cheap venue
      10 days nakakulong
      back to back prelim natcos show pay perview pa
      may botohan

      bawat kembot may bayad

  3. Why is it that most of the comments here are so negative… wow! Just wondered…

      • @ Oreo Boomers grew up looking forward to the live telecast on TV of MU. There was no socmed to “brainwash” them. More often than not, they chose on the Night itself! Therefore, the VISUAL counted for a lot. No camps, too. BPCI chose MUP based on “influence” of couturier handlers. Etc….

  4. new crown is for Thailand

    top 6 q and a lang halatang luto

    walang final top 3 question
    the toughest one

    Thailand ang panalo
    pero boboto pa rin ako

  5. Just saw a video of the new format selecting the MU placements.

    Top 20; swimsuit and evening gown competetion.
    Top 6; q&a
    Top 3; final look and “no” q&a?

    Pretty cutthroat this year.

    All the best Gazini.

    • Curious na no q and a for top 3. Baka para less chances magkalat si Thailand and mas mabigyang katwiran ang fixed win.

      • Oh wow, you obviously have not watched her Miss Universe Thailand 2019 performance. 2019 na, pero two years ago pa rin ang reference mo sa q&a skills nya

  6. Top 3

    Top 6
    Puerto Rico

    Top 20
    South Africa
    Sierra Leone

    • Hi All,

      As i have mentioned earlier this will be the exact mechanics of the competitions:

      Source from Miss Universe site: Updated 12/02/2019 @ 20:00 EST

      Competition Rules

      The winner of the competition must be confident. She must understand the values of our brand and the responsibilities of the title. She must have the ability to articulate her ambition. A contestant should demonstrate authenticity, credibility and exhibit grace under pressure. The women who compete embody the modern, global aspiration for the potential within all women.

      Each competition begins with preliminary interviews that include a swimsuit or athletic wear and evening gown presentation show. These preliminary events are especially important as it will be the first time the judges and fans really get to know the contestants. The preliminary competition is the driving force in selecting the Semifinalists.

      The live show and final competition kicks off with an announcement of the Semifinalists. Each of these contestants will walk the runway during the swimsuit or athletic wear segment displaying her dedication to a healthy lifestyle.

      The semifinalists move on to the second stage of the competition during the evening gown segment. The judges and fans will see the contestants’ personal style as they walk the stage in their evening gown of choice. However, the exact design of the gown does not count towards the total score and instead the judges focus on how confidently each woman presents herself.

      From the scores given in the evening gown competition, the Top 6 competitors are chosen, bringing them to the Final Question round. Each woman selects a judge at random who presents a question focused on various social, cultural and political topics. The Final Question round will determine the contestant’s ability to articulate themselves under pressure while sharing a thoughtful, well-informed response. Again, all scores are averaged and the Top 3 contestants move on to the Final Look.

      The event concludes with the host announcing the winner. In the event that the winner is unable to fulfill her duties, the first-runner up will take her place.

  7. Hi Norman,

    May you know how many times can we vote if we avail the voting “green botton for free? As i can see in the rules for voting there are choices on which you can pay by credit card? and i beleive that is multiple times votes?

    How about the choice for free? how many times can we vote? is it per day 1 vote? or 1 time vote only for each computer or celphone?

    I would appreciate your acknowledgement.

    Thank you

  8. boto na
    kawawa naman si Gazini
    hindi nya kasalanan na magbabayad utang ang MU sa Thailand

    labang Gazini

      • As if namang may utang ang Thailand eh si Chavit pa rin naman ang nagbayad ng hosting nila. May utang pa rin ang MUO sa Pinas.

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