9 comments on “Gazini Ganados for the Chi Hair Care photoshoot

  1. Orange and pink together….

    Masdevallia, a group of orchids from the misty mountains of Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. Some might be in bloom, atm.

    Commentators in the USA, check with your local Nursery. 🙂

  2. Sandra Bullock lang ang peg dito. Naku baka Miss Congeniality kalabasan ni Gaz! 😀

  3. i wonder kung lumabas man lang ng marriot marquis hotel ang mga delegata..so far lahat ng pics nila, sa loob ang ganaps..at parang kaalis lang ni gazini, eto, one week na lang, coronation na pala..di pa umiinit ang laban, no clear front runner stood out, me nilulutong intriga but not yet sa level last uear ba un, involving Ms USA on english speaking skills..etc.

  4. Her OOTD has been on point, so far ! Such a fashionista. Kudos to her and her mentors 🙂

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