18 comments on “Gazini during Miss Universe 2019 Orientation Day

  1. Miss Thailand is not shining and face is ordinary.. too hyped… she lost her shine and winning aura.

  2. South Africa is fading away fast… the two who are zooming up in my list are BARBADOS and KENYA

  3. Hinde ko talaga makita kung bakit palagi nasa top5 si Julia sa mga hotpicks. Hinde ito pambabash ha…maganda naman sya at sexy, pero ewan ko, baka hinde lang ako marunong kumilatis ng husto ng ‘complete package’ ika nga. Si Thailand, medyo-medyo lang like ko sa kanya kahit nuon. Pag itinabi sya sa ibang gurls, madalas nasasapawan sya. Si Gazini, hinde pa gaano nagpapakita ng gilas, pero alam ko marami baon yan. Baka umpisa day5 onwards…ganado sa yan.

  4. Gaz ootd are bagay sa edad nya. Si Brazil di ko alam Kung nanghiram ng damit sa mader. Si fahsai bakit Naka shades?

  5. i like her quiet confidence

    and i actually like the way she answers questions: short but to the point

  6. Wow, Gazini is doing it right! Keep it up girl, kayang kaya mo yan, b2b indeed possible.

    My top 20 so far
    Puerto Rico

    South Africa

  7. magaganda mga suot ni gazini so far…malinis at mukha sya laing mabango…with good combination of colors

  8. Brazil is lovely , stands out in a group with her short hair … but Gaz has the gorgeousness X-factor !!!

  9. pinangako na po sa Thailand ang korona

    pero Gazini is a clear stand out sa beauty

    if it is her destiny then it shall be

  10. The camera loves Gazini ! She always looks great in all angles. Modesty aside, she effortlessly stands out in a crowd, even side by side with Julia, who is among the front runners. I have yet to see Miss Thailand mingling with the other candidates. I believe she has a chance of doing a B2B win for our country (if not, I’d be happy with a top 5 placement at the very least). The best of luck to you, Gaz ! Keep it up, girl ! All the best 💖👃💋💝👑💄👠💍

  11. Re: top photo

    Look at our Gazini! Standing out ♥️
    Defend the crown, lady! 👍🏽👍🏽

  12. Julia’s hair is so chic. However, Gazini’s sexiness and beauty overpowers the Brazilian. There was a photo of Julia in another post without much make-up — so ordinary looking.

    Laban, Gazini!

  13. Brazil is dropping on my list. Na overpose na.

    Cute rin lang ang peg na lahat ay “Amazing” daw.

    Even the Latinos are getting bored with her.

    Her and PR have good PR (unfortunately a Photoshop queen though). Warm and approaching the other ladies from all over the world. Only MJ and Ara have been like that. Our queens are usually very closed and gigil.

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