8 comments on “Catriona Gray arrives in Atlanta

  1. Sana history will repeat itself:


    Hopefully, Philippines will duplicate that feat:

  2. Her Instagram says this was taken at her apartment in New York.Her official goodbye at the lobby of her NY apartment.

  3. Looks like she already packed her stuff and vacated her MU apartment.
    Congrats on her reign.
    Wishing her well on her future plans after she passes on her crown to her successor.

  4. My fave MUning! One of the most down to earth queens. Job well done indeed! Into the next chapter as she closes her Miss Universe reign. Hosting? Singing?

    Best of luck, Cat!

  5. finally patapos na din reign niya
    and she can be her truest self na

    tapos na ang show and she can be truely happy

    job well done queenCat

    • Why, she wasn’t at her truest self during her reign???? That comment is quite disturbing lol. BUT yeah, congratulations CAT for finishing your reign and move on to a more greener pasture 🙂

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