19 comments on “What does Boy Abunda think of the chances of Gazini Ganados in MU2019?

  1. After Patch’s speech at Miss International, I have no doubt that she should have been Miss Universe Philippines pero nangyari na ang nangyari at ano pa ba magagawa natin.

    Even Norman’s pick was Patch! Four out of four pageant admins with largest number of follower in instagram placed Patch as MUP except for one with their “non-committal hotpick”. Tumama sila sa lahat ng title assignment! We will just see after all the pageant was held if they all faired well.

    This interview reminds of Maxine Medina’s communication skills. Gazini and Catriona is indeed incomparable. Para kang nagko-compare ng orange to an apple. There is no point of comparison dahil ibang-ibang talaga silang dalawa.

    And at this early, tanggap ko na na walang back to back!

  2. Pobre niña, se encogerá en el escenario en las preguntas y respuestas o posiblemente no esté haciendo el corte para Asia y África debido a la baja puntuación en la entrevista a puerta cerrada.

    • Oh please…. At least I’m sure Gazini would at least make the top 10… I highly doubt if Colombia’s bet would even make the Top 15. ¡Buena suerte en tu entrevista!

  3. I do believe and it was shown last night that Gazini did really improved a lot compare from her performance in BBP. Physically she looks ready and prepared. For the communication skill she really did her part. Her answers last night may not be that strong but it has sense. Yes she really needs to put emphasis on key words and end her answers strong and with recall. It will be difficult to have a back to back win especially with Cat’s performance last year. But with Gazini’s perseverance and hardwork she will do good in MU 2019. Who knows the impossible may become possible just like the phoenix that rise up from the ashes.

    PS. Jehza should know how to dress for the occasion. It seems she wants to take the spotlight from Gazini with her attire and makeup. But sad to say, Gazini’s presence filled the room with her less is more more look.

  4. si Catriona ay native English speaker dahil siya ay Australian
    and was trained and educated in Australia with one of the best schools in the world

    Gazini did very well here

    but again Thailand already had it in the bag it is for her to lose
    naibigay na sa kanya ang mga questions and answers na kakabisaduhin tulad ng ginawa nila dun sa MAPI 2018

  5. Boy Abunda could not even answer the question regarding Gazinis’s chances
    That is very telling that A b2b is Highly highly unlikely .
    It would be nice to see her to the very end of the pageant but even this is highly highly unlikely
    A diligent Preparation is the key . She didn’t do that … obviously.
    She is taking it all to chances .
    Good luck to her

  6. Here we go again with the comparisons. Come on, Gazini is no Catriona, as Catriona is no Gazini. They are different entities with different strengths and weaknesses. How would you feel if I compare you to Scorg or Ana Winter? Stop being a boomer, Boomer!

      • Hi @ Oreo i am not here to bash gazini nor sounds a boomer, if you read my lines below i “said” Hindi pwedeng ma i compare meaning no comparison at all between the two, because Ang layo at magkaiba, thats exactly what i meant.

        And my opinion on the segment that i watched at the Bottomline was purely my assesstment, and if you dont agree with mine, then it is ok?

        The way she answered all the questions were too far and no depth at all, and that is the truth.

        However i wish her luck and pray she will at least land on the semifinals slot.

      • “No comparison at all between the two.”
        “Ang layo at magkaiba.”

        Based on your statements above, if they’re not comparing how would you call them? Aren’t they comparative adjectives?

        Based on your assessments, how should she answer the questions? If you’re “constructively criticizing” her, surely you have recommendations.

        I’m all ears here for your explanation. 🙂

      • Ivy Hill has all the right in the world to voice out that specific difference b/ w Gazini and Cat . That’s what made Cat the top contender last year and GazinI’s fans very nervous about her chances this yr.

      • Typical Boomer thinking. You only see the negatives. Have a little faith. It goes a long way, Fabian.


        ALL I CAN SAY, with her performance on that segment, she is “beating around the bush” and she will be always be compared to Catriona since both of them competes in Ms Universe.

        Please re-watch again last year bottomline and you will see how Boy Abunda’s reaction and the audience and participants how Catriona impressed all!

        Then tell everyone here, that magkaiba talaga sila? Saan? Sa pagsagot? kahit pa siguro bisaya o tagalog di pa rin sya makakasagot ng direct to the point.

  7. JawsKuh😊
    Ano na lang na isang solid DU30 nagtityaga magcomment dito😆
    Where are the Rappler warriors hihihi😆
    Di ba kayo nabayaran ni Auntie Norman😉
    Perapera na lang vah mga yellowtards 😄
    Hihihi cherette

    • Oh geez, i watched the entire episode of The Bottomline, Q&A with Gazini, ….

      Tsk tsk tsk….proven na walang laman ang mga sinasabi, in other words walang lalim, napapailung nalang ako..

      Hindi pwedeng ma i compare last year interview with Catriona @The Bottomline, na lahat is namamangha sa galing nyang sumagot, lumalaom ng stage and mic.

      Kahit mag memorize ka pa ng isang encyclopedi, yung implementation and action ang importante.

      • Gazini did good. May laman ang sagot niya. She answered the questions with heart. The only problem is she seems to beat around the bush. The beauty of that interview is — it showed Gazini learning from her mistakes. Boy said they’ll work on what needs to be improved.

        Short and sweet and always end them with a bang (like Pia’s “Confidently beautiful with a heart.”) is the name of the game. If she keeps that in mind, she will certainly do well in the 30-second spiel, backstage interview and Q&A round.

        Laban, Gazini!

      • Hay naku…itong vaklitang Ivy Hill…. kung sya siguro ang ilalaban sa MU, hindi pa ito nakakalanding sa Atlanta, talo na.

      • we cant win every year mo matter how prepared our girls are. catriona has set the bar so high its unlikely we would even get someone like catriona or pia in the near future. but then again who knows? margie moran wasnt all that. there were previous MU winners who sound rehearsed or unimpressive. but lookswise ….shes way up there with the best queens PH has ever sent to MU. LETS JUST THE SHOW ph WONT WIN IT EVERY YEAR. That would be so boring.

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