5 comments on “What do you think of India’s Vartika Singh for Miss Universe 2019?

  1. I have to agree with @Damian. Am getting a bit of that Mumbai upper-middle-class frivolity.

    She looks quite Latina, for one thing. Sushmita and Lara looked Indian. That’s IT.

    Besides and again, MUO needs to crown somebody who will go down well with the USA general populace; they need to revive their brand in the homeland. The (rest of the) Universe will probably not dare question their choice, anyway. Let me ask – how are Americans, in general, feeling about Indians right now?

  2. Europe group for this year very very strong with Croatia zooming up … lots of fans saying she is the face of MU … Albania is still coming on strong as well as Spain …. Sweden is a surprise standout… let’s not forget red-haired France who stands out every time she is with a group of candidates… lastly Ireland who is gorgeous if she is in a solo shot but she fades away if she is in a group shot… also still in the running , Slovakia & Denmark… (if the Russia were here, she would be in the top tier)

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