5 comments on “Some quick video clips from Gazini Ganados

  1. Truelala.

    Gazini has a playfulness about her that is both sultry and chill. Very Ara Arida. Down to earth sila, relatable and likeable.

    Pinoys are impressed by English speakers like Cat because that level of proficiency is rare among us. For Americans, its not as rare. You can still be Miss Universe by being relatable and real — ask Iris.

  2. Every person is unique. Comparing her to Catriona is an insult to her individuality. She may not be the best in conveying her thoughts in the most articulate way like her predecessor does, but she definitely has that physical beauty that no longer needs to be explained.

    Let the criticisms start. I bet those critics (more like Boomers) are the “best” in the English oral language. Or maybe, it’s a different type of oral they’re good at. 🤣

  3. Let’s face it: Gazini is not a spokesperson. Kulang pa ng omph of confidence kapag nagsasalita siya. She is definitely not Catriona 2.0.

    Although she is not spontaneous, she is naturally oozing with sex appeal. Gandang di na kailangan i-explain. Love those lava curls on her!

    Laban, Gazini!

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