3 comments on “Resham Saeed’s National Costume for Miss Supranational 2019

  1. I LIKEY! Btw, did Demavivas also make Clenci’s “traje tipico” in MGI?

    A good thing the prints/weave was not too fine. This way, it can be appreciated even from afar.

    And I like that the headpiece is not overpowering/obscuring her face.

    I hope the significance of that brown-colored woven cloth is not lost on the judges and organizers.

    Question. Is there any other silhouette possible with indigenous fabrics aside from the pantsuit? Honestly, it’s begun, at least for me, to look predictable therefore borderline boring…. Local textile, therefore pantsuit…. How will this, for example, fare if done as Dior’s “New Look”? That’s shoulder pads, TINY waist, FULL skirt with a hem well above the ankles…? Sample, please. 🙂

    • totally agree.. yong mala Bella Flores and arrive! diozkolorddddd

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