5 comments on “Rate Gazini Ganados so far

  1. i thinks 7.5. Her OOTD so far is good and the make up and styling. what ever her ootd and looks. she just need to add and pair those of more personality pa and more smile and more mingle to every candidates. i understand day 1 pa lang. hinde pa masyado close. pero MU is about confidence. and even day 1 pa lang kahit d mo ka close she need to show her confidence na on talking to anyone who especially on ig live etc etc. she more than HI and Hello. since mu sister mo naman. but i give her the benefit of the doubt since day 2 pa lang. so lets wait for the coming days. That dress above is so beautiful. i hope dala nya yan at isuot later with same hair and make up.

  2. I’d give her a 7.

    They should have built up hype around her before she left, IMO. It’s standard to do a last minute blast to build up momentum pre-arrival. Put your brand out to the Universe, so to speak. What did we get – buko juice and rock climbing… WTF?

    Pia had her pictorials. Cat had her advocacies. Solid strategy that a lot of the ladies incorporated into their game plan.

    She’s done better once she took off for LA. She’s keeping us engaged and updated without oversharing. Today was on point.

    Some of the other ladies share too much (uh hem, Brazil). It’s seriously just too much blah blah blah after a while.

    Meanwhile, Thailand has been in Atlanta for a week and only one post from the Marriott. She featured Turkish Air more than MUO. Medyo WTF rin yung week early pasabog just to do nothing but post her food from Atlanta.

    Gazini has finally gotten into a groove. Keep it up Gaz!

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