11 comments on “Miss Universe 2019: Of Threats, Tricks or Targets

  1. If Sofia Aragon gets “El Toc” this year, I would like Lupta Jones to (also) appoint her for MI 2020.

    I would like to see Mexico attempt the back-to-back coronita (with Andrea Toscano).

    If Sofia can SOFTEN her look the way Alejandra Vengoechea did, she will SLAY Japs BIG time. 🙂

  2. Kulang sa class sI Gaz . Parang alalay ni Mexico Colombia at Thailand
    Pero Malay nyo, jologs Ang type ng MUO

  3. Bangladesh looks amazing and reminds me of Miss Nepal last year MU….she has this easy breezy natural beauty going on….effortlessly sophisticated. Hmmm Mexico looks good and yes Thai is also a contender only if the judges would keep the Thai fans excited. Ganizi will crack top 10 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  4. Bangladesh looks stunning and exudes that natural looking beauty!!! Ganizi will hopefully crack top 10….Mexico looks pretty and Thailand is ok….she will make top 10 as well!!!

  5. Madison was ravishing during mgi 2016. Sana that time sya sumali ng mu.
    The lady who will win is an influencer. Mananalo Yun Isa sa top 5 na nangunguna sa social media at relatable.
    I like Pasay city circa me 2017 ngunit habang tinititigan ko kailangan talaga NG angulo. Di ako nagagandahan Kay vina morales lookalike aka bra parang Amiga na mag mamadjong ang mga damit

  6. Geraldine Gonzalez of Chile is the standout here. I dont remember having a brown skinned almost indigenous colored Latina ever winning the MU crown.

    Mexico and Brazil, although stunning, are typical Hispanic beauties.

    South Africa is totally different from the previous two reps and perhaps is to her advantage this year.

    Puerto Rico is stunning, however…she looks like a typical white girl. lol

    Thailand? Beautiful bet however I dont think the MUO is looking for another Catriona Gray. Sorry.

    Just sayin’

    • I like your observation. True. i have co workers who look like Brazil. I work here in California. Siguro masyado akong na expose sa ganyang beauty. i like Chile, Sierra Leone and of course Gazini has an edge.

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