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    • I would like to see something original and a national costume that would showcase her country’s culture. I’m tired of seeing the latinas wearing costume with all feathers and very Mardi Gras’ish lol.

    • Hahahaha riiiiight???? That’s just way too hilarious! Look at that lady behind her…..she doesn’t give a crap about this whole commotion lol.

  1. Kamuka nya ang mga Miss Venezuela noong circa 90s. Milka Chulina, Minorka Mercado. Mga ganun. Muka siyang latina.

  2. Sorry, but I don’t think Bangladesh will be noticed.

    Last year, Cambodia was being hyped as the pageant neared; she did resemble a young Margie Moran.

    But one thing is now apparent. MUO MUST revive domestic (USA) interest in the brand or fold up again (or look for a new owner, again). It is not good business sense for them to rely on popularity abroad – Philippines or wherever else – as that will merely confirm their irrelevance at home. Which means they MUST crown somebody that ordinary everyday Americans will find credible, if not inspiring (a BIG feat considering how jaded Americans are).

    Parang ME din ang MU. The international pageant gives the National winner (MPE) a chance to strut her stuff to a global audience. IT IS THE LOCAL BRAND THAT ACTUALLY SHOULD WIN.

    Lesson for MUP 2020 – STUDY WHAT MOVES AMERICANS NOW. Their hopes. Their aspirations.

    • Flor , inspiring the Americans to like pageants again?
      It’s not going to happen unless extraordinary events happen like in 2015 . But even that would be very fleeting …and I am talking about a day or 2.

      However , I notice that some women At work who are neither Asian nor Latina … born and raised in the US … actually pay attention to pageants.

      So MU still has a market here .

  3. Brazil is super pretty . So it’s possible that Brazil ends up with the top 2 titles this yr – MU And MW
    Right now , it’s PR vs USA for me
    Other contenders include Colombia Mexico Thailand Philippines Albania Bangladesh Ireland Brazil… Venezuela El Salvador
    However , every one will once they see candidates are seen together .

  4. Top 20

    Puerto Rico

    South Africa


    Sierra Leonne

  5. Gazini back to back for PH. I know you will give a great fight just like Sa Tamaryn Green.
    Inner and outer beauty will lift you.

  6. Gazini’s arrival ensemble is pristinely impeccable. She looks stunning and in a winning form. It seems like her glam team seriously worked on her dress and studied carefully what style would suit her. I hope that in the coming days she won’t don a “hit or miss” style, so she’d avoid terrible bashing. If she will maintain such a winning style and aura, she can definitely rock other frontrunners and be the number one fans favorite in this year’s Miss Universe.

    Truly, Gazini’s journey in MU is quite tough, because a lot of foreign fans would look after her as the Philippines’ next best to Cat to pull a back-to-back. The pressure is high. Thus, as the country aims the back-to-back, the force behind Gaz throttled in to have the impossible a possible.

    Just like last year, South Africa had sent a very stunning delegate, so they’d duplicate Demi Leigh’s feat in MU. I was really stunned by Tamaryn Green’s elegant beauty and performance. At the onset, I thought she was the strongest rival of Cat. Tamaryn’s pressure was high, in that she failed to deliver in the final QnA. I hope Gaz prepares herself for that final stage.

    Good luck, Gaz! Make us proud.

    That’s all!

  7. that big flag is quite unnecessary especially if you’re on a foreign land. the smaller flag should suffice.

    • If you are really proud of your country , why not flaunt it ?
      People present won’t mind … except you .

      • Not to the point of being tacky….that flag is just way too overwhelming. We don’t do that in the US….not even a well known athlete……lol.

      • So what if it’s not a regular practice in the US?
        Why does the US have to be the standard of what’s good and right in the world?

      • Ver, you do know that the Americans are one of the most patriotic people in the world, right? They are proud of their flag. So, your statement kinda makes you sound you’re just pretending to be in the US. 🤭

      • Oh Oroe….I don’t need to pretend….lol pls go to LAX, Lindbergh Field, SEATac O’Hare, and other airport in the US we don’t do shit like this lol….and yes I do live in San Diego Ca and went to school in San Jose up in the Bay Area 😁😉😛. And yes we are a very patriotic country but I don’t see an individual carrying a huge flag like this to any event 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

      • Ok lang yan Ver, promise! Mga bahay dito may mga flags lalo na sa Mid-West! Malaki masyado yun flag pero di bale hayaan mo na.

  8. No inteligente Hermosa cara pero sin cerebro. Solo puede dar respuestas ensayadas. Parecía tonto cuando hablaba.

  9. Okay, now i’m feeling that she’ll give us a good fight.

    I love her outfit. well thought of. May pa photoshoot na din siya ng mga susuotin niya like Thailand reps used to do. but i wouldn’t mind. it’s like giving credit to the designers.

    The color of her wardrobe is perfect. plus the gold phoenix pin. are we up for some good show? I guess so.

  10. Tito Norman pls don’t allow Fabyanang hukluban na amoy lupa taint your blog. She is oozing with negativities! My God dapat namahinga na yan sya sa piling ng ka yang mga minions! GO Gazini!

  11. My top 5 … near arrival favorites … Philippines, Albania, Puerto Rico, Ireland, USA … this will definitely change as the days roll on

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