17 comments on “Watch: The Official Advocacy Video of Gazini Ganados

  1. It’s a good thing to have an advocacy. Fine, great, i get it…but to make a music video out of it just to showcase this for the sake of letting the MU community that she has one somehow make me question how authentic her intention is…..just saying.

    • There is still sense on showing this. How MUO will know if she really have an advocacy or none if you dont show a proof. But i think they released this video for a reason more on awareness on her advocacy. raising funds for the charity on elderly care and not just as a tool para may maipakita lang literally sa MUO.

      • @Jed….ok ok I get! I like her advocacy don’t get me wrong! It is definitely a good cause and we should focus more on our elderly population. But really didn’t care about the elaborate musical portion of her footage….like who cares. Get to your point without the nonsense.

  2. No solo inteligente Hermosa cara pero sin cerebro. Solo puede dar respuestas ensayadas. Parecía tonto cuando hablaba.

  3. Paano mo nasabing may attitude. Ate Fabian, when Gazini won BB. She modeled for Mama Rene’s global fashion show sa US. Walang ereng tintulungan nya ang staff magbuhat ng mga Maleta. I know because I was there. Kaya shut your foul mouth kampon ni Mocha

  4. The singer reminds me of Emmanuele “Lele” Amboy.

    Gazini’s security detail at NAIA 2 remind me of Willie Quinto.

    The video reminded me of Mister Supranational-Malta (atm). He works at a Retirement Home. Go to the Mister Supranational page; caring for the elderly is something he does for a living. 🙂

  5. i feel her facial expressions lalo na sa umpisa ng video with the old man. I like the music
    May comments lang ako.
    Yung photographer bakit kasama sa video?
    Sana may portion na kumakain sila kasama yung mga lola, Medyo nakukulangan lang ako sa pinakitang activities.. sorry this is only my opinion.

  6. Inggitera talaga ang huklubang too. How well do you know Gazini para sabihin mo yan. Tsupi! Mabahong malantod!

  7. Gazini, you will only be MUP until 12/8.
    After that , u will be relegated to the sidelines unless you do really well at the pageant.
    So pls , be nice . And don’t just say it , do it !!!

  8. Gazini has an attitude .. Not a good sign . I do not see Cat Pia or even Maxine getting pissed by fans following them .
    I know some will say ,’Wala naman kasing pakundangan Ang mga Pinoy fans’ . But that’s not an excuse not to be nice to fans .
    Good luck to her.

    • I 101% agree with you @ Fabian Reyes” Yes she has an “ATTITUDE” even at the start you can observe and feel that she is not sincere at all.
      She thought na maadaan nya sa pagrampa and pag project nya on stage to win in a pageant?

      Again walang substance yung mga sinasabi nya all her interviews, dinadaan nya sa kaartehan ng pagsasalita mali na nga grammar wala pa laman sinasabi.

      GOOD LUCK!

    • @ Fabian Reyes She grew up without a father she longed for. Somehow, life voids make you testy. Pia, too, was raised by a single mom (right?), but in her case it was clear early on that she had to hustle. Enduring discrimination in the UK before finally moving in with the Alonzos in CDO, I just wonder if Gazini endured the school of hard knocks the way Pia did. Heck, by comparison Cat enjoyed the most charmed life! But life deals different cards to us all. What can we do? 🙂

    • Inggitera talaga ang huklubang too. How well do you know Gazini para sabihin mo yan. Tsupi! Mabahong malantod!

      • Gazini was always praised for being mabait at down ro earth by fans and her mentors. Yun mga tao na nakakahalubilo nya nag sabi nun

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