16 comments on “The 90 Faces of Miss Universe 2019

  1. My choices for MU 2020:

    El Salvador
    Puerto Rico

  2. Nagagandahan ako kila Miss Barbados, Uruguay, Singapore, Bangladesh at Tanzania (based on these pictures alone). Sana makasama sila sa Top 20, para maiba naman. Mix of powerhouse and “emerging”.

  3. I read a post that the top 20 will be

    5 from each of these groups … Europe , Americas , Asia , Africa & no wildcards anymore

    I disagree with this , to be fair it should be 4 from each group and 4 wild cards.

    There are just too few delegates from Africa and I am sure that the Americas will complain about this because there are too many of them in the Americas and the Carribean ,,,

    I want to attach the post here but I don’t know how to attach a file …

    • there are 30 from the Asia Africa group while there are only 10 from the African continent and 20 from Asia Oceania … so as you can see 10 is just too few and if 5 will be top 20 , that is 50% success rate , too unfair for the Americas and Europe group ( not to mention to the Asia Oceania group )

      • Good point jwlover..
        Perhaps they may take the “Asian” nations of the Middle East/Arab nations and Israel and group them with the African continent.
        The Latinas would definitely be at the disadvantage here.

      • the wild cards are important , not only for fairness , but also for the excitement of the announcements which come towards end , keeps everybody at the edge of their seats…

  4. PR vs USA vs Colombia vs Alabamia via Thailand for MU
    Brazil Argentia Mexico and El Salvador are forces to reckon with
    It will not be an easy win for USA as the others are just as articulate
    Not a fan of Indonesia . She doesn’t look body ready for the competition .same with Ireland or Iceland or both
    I donot see Philippine going that far . I hope I’m wrong. Her palaban attitude maybe her saving grace
    I donot see anything great abt SA either .

  5. Baka ang kandidata ni uncle Sam ang manalo ngayong taon.
    Pinadiretso na nga ang buhok niya para mas madaling ipatong ang korona.
    Medyo matagal na rin kasi noong huling may nanalong itim na kandidata.
    Sana ay maganda pa rin ang maging kapalaran ng pambato ng Pilipinas 🤞

  6. There is a large percentage of black/mulatto beauties in the group of 90 this year. I’m looking out for USA, ireland, Iceland, South Africa, Haiti and/or Jamaica to make the top 20. Would not surprise me if Nigeria and/or Kenya end up in the semifinals as well.

    Just a hunch.

  7. Not too many blondes in the bunch.

    Was the fan turned on as Miss Japan was modeling for her photo shoot?

    Go Gazini.

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