3 comments on “Ten days to go before Catriona Gray crowns her successor in Atlanta

  1. Beauty pageants will soon become obsolete in this difficult economic times.

    Anyway, it’s time for a woman of color and substance to be crowned as the next MU.

  2. 10 days na lang pala? Parang wala man lang kalatoy latoy amg MU this year. Walang air of excitement.Indeed it has lost its shine

  3. Time flies. Remember death. Char!

    Time flies so fast, indeed. It is still vivid in my memory how Cat started her journey in Binibini until she got into MU. Almost every night I watch Cat’s full performance in MU 2018 via Youtube, and I feel great watching it before I close my eyes at night. I always thought that Cat’s was a tough act to follow. We all knew how hard she worked on her journey, so she could surely get the crown seamlessly. Although she was neck and neck with Tamaryn, Cat did not lose her momentum. She proved to us that she had got what it takes to be the Philippines’ 4th MU.

    Our Queen Cat, thanks for your beautiful journey as our 4th Miss Universe. It’s saddening to see you pass on your crown to your successor, but you remain in the heart of every Filipino. Notwithstanding the end of your journey, I will still follow you in your future endeavor. I love you, Queen Cat.

    That’s all.

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