8 comments on “Miss Universe 2019 Roomies: Mohana & Gazini

  1. What if Philippines and Singapore are the last two standing ? … it is not uncommon for roomies to be the last two standing… case in point USA and Scotland in 1980 , Venezuela and Spain in 2013 , Korea and Thailand in 1988 ,… ( also these but not certain, Puerto Rico & USA in 1970, Sweden & Holland in 1989 )

  2. I wonder now how strong the Singapore passport is. Just in case she wins,…. 🙂

    • Singapore passport is already strong. And besides winning a MU title won’t make a passport strong.

    • SING passport is one of the most accepted in the world. It’s in the league of USA and EU pasports

  3. I was not surprised at all. I am sure that person will always deny that he has control. I am pretty sure that is only the beginning of many surprises to come. Good luck to you both.

    • But in all fairness to Singapore ha. i find her really exotically stunning. Her posture and physique makes her also a stand out. Saw a vid of her Pasarela, very jonas. clean, sexy and elegante ang dating.

      If she wins, i think naman she’s also deserving. With regards to her QnA… that we have to wait and see.

      But i’d rather have a new friend with Singapore than yung shupit.. na.. hmm. laging nakaka roomies. LOL

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