11 comments on “The Miss Universe 2019 Preliminary Competition and National Costume Show

  1. I assume that the candidates are staying in this same hotel … but the venue of the finals will be Tyler Perry Studios … a short distance from the hotel

  2. pati ang prelims sa ballroom lang
    2200 seating capacity
    Barangay levels talaga

    sana bilhin na itong MU ng Thailand

  3. Miss Universe Organizations will not going to admit that they are trying to save huge amount of money and they are going down the hill. I am afraid that in the years to come the venue will become smaller and smaller or worst they might cancel due to financial restraints. We miss the olden days of glitz and glamorous of pageantry.

  4. wala naman iniisip si ahas gayfud
    kundi puro business
    syempre pasamahin nya ang chaka na MUSg na hindi naman need ng mga cheap na pageant na ito para alalay ni Gazinee

    skin care meet and greet eh puro pinoy lang naman nagpunta

    yung Thailand andun na sa Atlanta
    namamayagpag na

    Pinas LA LA pa para sa cheap na skin care na puro Pinoy ang customer

  5. palubog na ang MU

    tas si ahas gaffud

    pinasama pa ang SG sa PH

    pinapunta pa sa LA para sa cheap na skin care

    palubog na ang MU

    buti pa ang MI stable pa rin sa Japan

    at MW palubog na rin

  6. Hmnnn… The venue is quite small for the anticipated huge and flamboyant NCs of Latina girls, such as El Salvador, Aruba, Puerto Rico, etc. While MU beauty pageant fans are getting wilder and wilder each year, MUO is not working its way to commensurate it, hence fans are assuming that the favorite annual beauty pageant is fading off from their senses. Methinks otherwise. I just notice that when USA is the host country of the pageant, the organization does not make the pageant festive and big. Perhaps, sponsorship issue is a big factor on this.

    Anyway, I read one of the most sensible comments in one of the posts of Tito Norms here, observing that it is indeed a wise move for MUP and MUS consultant director Jonas Gaffud to have Misses Singapore and Philippines joined together in their flight to Georgia. Yes, I agree that Miss Singapore has gained free media mileage in there. Singapore reps in Miss Universe and other second-tier pageants need media exposure because they are way below the sash factor Philippines reigns nearly a decade. Thus, we have to be generous to Singapore. I mean why not help them?

    Based on what I see, Miss Singapore looks pageant ready. I think she has had great preparations thru Jonas’ midas touch. I like how she projects on camera and, I read, she is intelligent. Let’s see how she fares well in the semi-final round.

    MU is still exciting no matter how short the duration of the 2019 pageant.

    That’s all!

  7. Oh east coast time, it will be 9:00am PH time: December 7th Saturday ( Manila PH)

    Is it going to be live webcast?

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