13 comments on “Our Pride: The Muses of SEA Games 2019

  1. Balik tayo sa issue ng beauty queens….Bakit hindi na lang sila Kylie Verzosa instead of Precious Quigaman, at sana sila Ann Colis, and Mutya Datul kesa sa ibang winners. At overkill naman yata ang Miss Earth winners masyado marami…

    • you’re just like some who look at things negatively instead of being proud of our national pride

  2. What is unforgivable is that there are a lot of Filipinos who actualy believe and spread these fake news perpetuated by our own local media networks who’s owners are willing to sacrifice the pride and repution of the Filipino people as a whole as part of their black propaganda against the current administration.

    • The pride & reputation of the country is not besmirched by those who point out the initial failings of PHISGOC, but rather by the incompetence of PHISGOC itself.

      The kikiam story has been debunked, but what about the complaints from so many contingents from other SEA countries who have no stake in our politics? Were these not legitimate?

      Are we just suppose to dismiss these as part of our support of the current administration?

      Are we suppose to just accept PHISGOC’s mediocrity in the name of our “pride & reputation?”

      Or can we not expect higher standards, better planning & more effective organization, when not only is our country’s pride & reputation at stake, but also 6 billion pesos of taxpayer funds spent?

      ALL fake news is deplorable & if untruths are being spread to discredit the current administration, then these must be denounced & corrected.

      However, the current administration is not naive or innocent itself when it comes to fake news. It has been well-documented that the current administration deploys troll farms who spread disinformation to further its agenda.

      So the administration & its supporters cannot demand that others remain clean while they themselves dabble in untruths (exhibit A: Mocha Uson).

      At any rate, it appears that the initial problems have been solved & we might save our reputation & pride so kudos to the organizaers. Let’s set aside differences for now & support our athletes & our country as the SEA Games host in constructive ways.

    • Agree!!! Jusko nkita ko si Karen bosco and Angelia Ong face to face….d ko nkilala….shookkt! At napa-iling na lang ako….haaay…naisip ko lng, “Ah..kaya pala…”

  3. So much displeasure going on at the SEA Games. Seriously, do we really need the beauty queens as muses despite of chaotic, embarrassing and confusing situation at the SEA Games. This is not the solution of the problem rather we are adding insults to the injury to the worsening situations right now. I just hope our beauty queens will have some serious consideration before they go on parade.

  4. “Unforgiveable embarrasments” made by who? Kayu-kayo lang naman gumagawa ng ikakahiya ng Pilipinas.

    • Oo nga. Kikiam di totoo. Mga fake pictures ng site nabisto. Na late lang sundo or nag-antay lang ng hotel rooms (which is but normal) unforgiveable na agad? Sa World Cup mismo nangyari din yan sa Gilas Pilipinas na di nasundo agad, pero no big deal. Basta lang makapanira sa sariling bayan eh wagas. Tangina nyo!

      • Korek.

        Si kikiam girl wala naman pala sa venue, nagpresscon pa.
        ABS tinakwil yung tao nilang gawa-gawa ng kwento, di na daw connected sa kanila, e page nila nagpost ng kasinungalingan.
        Inquirer dinelete yung article nilang may Ever Gotesco o simbahan ng INC sa background, sila rin naglagay ng proof ng fake news nila.

        Di man lang ayusin pagtahi ng kwento para d mabisto. Mahinang klase.

      • Phil women’s volleyball team nagtulak ng shuttle bus s Thailand last year dahil nasira ang bus….but no big deal….haaist

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